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7/21/11 10:47 A

When I was in college, I had a woman PE instructor. I noticed that she did a lot of Dips on a parallel
bars and worked on a Speed Bag used in boxing. She told me she felt that those 2 exercises helped to stop that flabby area from developing under the back of the arm. I suggest these to women that ask me for advice. I even had my wife, do dips of the back of the bed for a while. She said that she couldn't really see any difference but she did notice a difference when she was lifting
things around in her daily tasks.

I agree that spot reduction is not possible. The person that is asking me what to do, wants an answer and I try to couch my suggestions in terms of why not try this approach. I want to have that person continue to work out and feel that there is hope. I will never have a 6 pack for abs and at 64 what the heck do I care about it anyway? My focus is good cardio, overall strength and if those spot areas look a little better at the end of the day , that's OK with me.

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7/21/11 10:21 A

In complete agreement with Coach Nancy here. Unfortunately, "spot reduction" just isn't possible. You can tone the muscle underneath but until the fat is gone from that area, they will still look big.

I am convinced I have some type of "elephantitis" of the upper arms or something! They are SOOOO much bigger than my lower arms. I am not exaggerating either. If my lower arms measure 8 inches around, my uppers are at least 12! I am guestimating on measurements. They might be even bigger!!


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7/21/11 6:18 A

Hi Sarah,

Focusing your workout on a specific body part to shrink the fat in that area, AKA spot reduction, is not very effective. The reason, fat distribution is, for the most part, determined by your genetics. Your goal should be to follow a healthy diet along with a regular cardio and strength training program which will help lead you to overall body fat reduction.

This does not mean you can't work on strength training exercises, though, however, just understand we cannot selectively choose the location on our bodies to shrink the fat cells.

I hope this helps!

7/20/11 10:12 P

I'd do 4 different arm exercises, 10-15 reps, 2 sets, 2-3 times a week. Don't be afraid of making them bigger. Even if they get bigger (by what a 1/4 in?) They will look better because they will be firmer. emoticon

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7/20/11 10:05 P

I do a lot of triceps and biceps exercises. It takes a long time before you see any change. Check out the arm exercises on Spark fitness. Good luck!

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7/20/11 8:51 P

my upper arms are big I want to tone them up, can anyone help me with that please.

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