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1/2/13 1:43 P

I think getting to bed at a reasonable hour is the best way to get yourself up in the morning to exercise. If you aren't getting enough sleep, you aren't going to feel like getting up. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep so you feel rested when the alarm goes off. Then just do it, yes it sucks sometimes, but so does a lot of the stuff grown adult responsible folks have to do every day.

CARRES1973 SparkPoints: (14,527)
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1/2/13 10:52 A

How timely this topic is! I know from my past efforts to lose weight and get fit that morning exercise works best. However, I cannot figure out how to get myself up in the morning. I have tried going to bed in workout clothes, putting the alarm clock across the room, having someone who is up earlier anyway wake me up... I just roll over and go back to bed! I guess sleep is more important to me than losing weight? I would love to find the "magic pill" that gets me up in the morning!


JENN3745 Posts: 7
1/2/13 1:09 A

I have a hard time working out in the morning as well, not only because it's early but because my body feels like its still asleep. Runs feel 10x harder in the morning for me. I also dont know how to fuel myself before and after, how to get my energy up wuthout drinking coffee before the workout instead of water, etc.. What do some of you do regarding food and morning routine to prep for your workout?

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
1/1/13 6:09 P

Having everything available are ready helps a lot. I can be out the door to the gym 15 minutes after getting out of bed, no time to talk myself into an extra hour of sleep.

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1/1/13 5:49 P

I'm a coffee person. Tried to switch to green tea, but it didn't get my motor running the way a cup of joe does.

67KANGAROOS Posts: 53
1/1/13 5:02 P

Great thread. I've been meaning to try morning workouts, since two days of the work-week I have to work late, though the other three I can pretty much end depending on how early I start. I might be using a few of these ideas!

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1/1/13 3:47 P

I have to get up at 4 am to work out during the week. I have everything ready in the bath room, workout clothes, shoes etc., That and knowing that it is done and over is better than the extra 45 mins of sleep that I get.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
12/26/12 10:07 P

I get up 5 days a week at 4:30am to hit the gym. I treat my workouts like a job. The good news is though I really like working out now, so it's easier, but it did take me 2 yrs to get there.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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12/26/12 6:24 P

I just came across this article and thought of this post:

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
12/25/12 10:40 A

Most of the year I work out in the evenings, but in the summer I have to run at 5 or 6 am to avoid the heat. What I do, aside from setting my alarm, is tell my husband that I am going running in the morning. That makes me feel accountable, so I pry myself out of bed and go do it. If you don't live with anyone, you could try telling a friend, or posting here or on Facebook or whatever, about your intentions to get up and do your workout at a certain time. Once you get in the habit, it will become easier, and you'll enjoy knowing that you have it done for the day.

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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12/25/12 6:44 A


Think of it this way.

You had to get up to go to school, work, church, get the kids going, etc.
These are all important things it's how people choose to start their day.

You've decided to start yours by getting fit.
If you change your mind set and see exercise as something important to you (and your body) it's not such a chore.

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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
12/25/12 6:19 A

If you can force yourself to do it for a week or two, it will start to become part of your regular routine, and will become easier.

Also, if you work out at a regular time each day, your body will start to expect it, waking up in time, lifting your energy levels and blood sugars in anticipation, etc.


ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,297)
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12/24/12 7:10 P

How much do you want to be fit?

You have to exercise to be fit.

And if morning is the only time to do it, and you want it bad enough, you'll do it.

As for myself, I have very specific goals..morning is the only time to exercise. My running partner needs to be home by 7 even though I personally don't need to get up that early, if I want to run with company..up I get at 4:30..or earlier..5 days a week...

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/24/12 7:04 P

I set my alarm clock across the room so when it goes off I have to get up and out of bed to shut it off. I set out my workout clothes the night before. I find a workout I like and that helps too.

TLGRNT Posts: 179
12/24/12 6:13 P

Getting up to exercise can be a chore but, once you have begun the ritual you will begin to crave it. The first week is the hardest and nothing beats the feeling you have the remainder of the day.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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12/24/12 6:04 P

I never *want* to get up early, but I'm up at about 5:45 five days a week (three days for running, two for a boot camp class). What gets me out of bed is (a) that I've paid for that class and don't want to waste the money, (b) that I am determined to reach my goals, and most importantly, (c) that I know I'll feel awesome when I'm done, and ready to face my day.

AKRAEMER21 SparkPoints: (912)
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12/24/12 5:54 P

I have recently found out that I can only fit exercising into my life in the morning at about 6 or 7 which is fine but how do I get my self to want to wake up in do it what make you guys get up and work out so early

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