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5/27/13 5:29 P

I agree with the others. You shouldn't be afraid to eat in your range! 1300 calories is not going to make you gain weight, pretty much no matter what size you are (unless you're extremely short, under 5'0 and are completely inactive or have metabolic issues.)

Food is fuel, and if you want your body to be healthy, you shouldn't be afraid of it!

SP has a great article full of calorie-boosting tips without filling up on junk or dense, heavy food:

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5/27/13 2:57 P

Why? Your maintenance calorie needs are likely around 2200+ cals. That means you can eat up to 2200 or more cals without gaining weight. I'm only 5'2 110 lbs and still lose 1 lb/week eating 1500 cals.

How to fill up your calories for the rest of the day? Add an extra snack or two or add some calorie dense foods like nuts/nut butter, seeds/seed oils, olive oil, avocado, cheese, protein.

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5/27/13 2:43 P

I see that you are a new Sparkmember as of today.
At Sparkpeople, you would have gotten a calorie range. Probably something like 1200-1550 calories. What is your range? At Sparkpeople, you can eat anywhere within the range. I imagine you still have several hundred more calories to spend today. This could be used on a healthy evening meal---a serving of lean meat (maybe chicken or fish), some fruit, salad, and brown rice. (this is just an example).

I think you need to share a little more for us to really help. Sounds like there is some confusion.

SP Registered Dietitian

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5/27/13 2:38 P

I've never heard of any SP range that topped out at 1367, but whatever your range is, as long as the food that gets you 250 calories keeps your macros in range, it is fine.

You are probably low on one of the macros.. carbs, protein, or fat.

If it is fat, you could add some oil to a dish, or have a serving of nuts or cheese

If you are low on protein, I suggest meat, or eggs

If it is carbs, have some fruit/ vegetables.

It's only 250 calories. Be more afraid of 1111 calories, than 1367. Your goal should not be how low you can go, but how many calories you can eat , while still losing steadily.

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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/27/13 2:23 P

Why are you "frightened" to eat at your range? We all need to eat to fuel our bodies to keep them healthy, and we need to eat to lose weight!

As far as what to eat - at 1111 calories you probably still need more protein, fat, or carbs? If one (or more) of these are under, eat something to fulfill those nutrients.

SARAJANE83 Posts: 3
5/27/13 2:11 P

I have had 1111 today my tracker says i need at least 1367 but I'm frightened of eating up to this what can i eat that's healthy around this calorie intake? :)

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