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6/24/13 1:08 P

Instead of giving him a huge helping of veggies it is ok for him to have more carbs. If he does physical labor at work he needs more. My husband is 8 inches taller than me and rides his bike to work. I realized that I was eating as much as him, but I don't need to. However we are both over weight so he signed up on Spark people too, mostly to support me. We found out that his calorie range is about a thousand more than mine, even if he is trying to lose weight. Maybe you could sign him up just to see how many calories he needs to maintain a healthy weight. I know it's hard but it's ok for him to have two servings of pasta and one serving of salad while you only have one of pasta and two of salad for example.
When I was in highschool I had a friend who had to eat a brownie every time she went for a run because her metabolism was so high. I on the other hand had to cut out sweets and run a couple miles a day to lose any weight at all. Our bodies are different so there isn't a plan that fits everyone. I hope this helps.

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6/21/13 6:37 P

"I don't know how I can manage to stop him from losing weight and still manage to lose weight"

You don't have to choose one. He has to be responsible for his health. The pp suggested seeing a nutritionist. I think that is a good idea. Has he seen a doctor to make sure he is ok?

My very active 12 year olds require more calories than me. Although I don't make two separate meals, we don't eat exactly the same. For example, they might have rolls and butter and I won't have any.

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6/21/13 6:33 P

Nutritionist are only when available when prescribe for health problems(here anyway). he is trying multiple snacks(3 a day) and mini meals(4 a day) at the moment. he was already eating snacks at work, now he began to eat them at home as well. I just do not know what to buy him that would up his calorie intake dramatically for those. Protein shakes could be a really good idea. Maybe I should try more healthy juices as well, we only drink water! thanks for the idea!

I don't like the idea of him having to get his in-between meals calories with junks because I am on a diet. Just because he is skinny does not means that he can be healthy be eating loads of junks.

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6/21/13 9:39 A

Do you think he'd be open to seeing a nutritionist to identify his specific needs? They'll look at blood work and food logs, and talk about his lifestyle to make suggestions that should be workable. If he can't eat more at one meal, maybe he needs more nutrition-rich snacks/mini-meals. Maybe protein shakes would go down well.

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6/21/13 12:18 A

oh he is not trying to lose weight, he just cant manage to eat enough without feeling sick...

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6/20/13 10:40 P

He is an adult, I presume? Your job, as the primary cook, is to provide balanced, healthy nutrition for the both of you. HIS job, however, is to eat healthy on his own and provide the fuel he needs. He doesn't need you do take care of him; he needs to take care of himself! You need to tell him your concerns, and tell him that you'll help him do what needs to be done, but just as we can't make the people we love lose weight, we can't stop them from doing so, either.

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6/20/13 10:35 A

oh never taugh of that, we love ice cream cookies

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6/20/13 9:16 A

That's difficult. my husband and i are like that. hes got a higher metabolism and is a mechanic so he does allot of physical activity. he can eat 2 big bowls of stew and later 2 who snickers and not gain a lb whereas all i gotta do is look at chocolate long enough and i feel like i gained weight. all you really can do is either get rid of the junk or replace it. i buy blue bunny frozen yogurt. the vanilla bean is 100 cal for a 1/2c. and if you put whip cream between grahmcrackers then freeze them they are suppose to be an alternative to cookies. they taste allot like a vanilla icecream sandwich at a whole lot less of a calorie count. not sure on the number for though. hope this helps alil

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6/19/13 4:35 P

I have this simple problem.. I met a very nice fellow and we have been living together for about a year now. The problem is he burns a lot more energy then me. We used to eat about the same thing in almost the same portion.... while I gain 40 pounds, he managed to lose 20 since we began dating.(we did not eat all that unhealthy either,i made him eat lots of veggie, lean cuts of meat, whole wheat pasta... and whine, cheese and bread).
Now that I am back on spark people, he is losing weight way faster then i am (he walks at least 5km every night at work, plus everything there is physical), and he is about 20 pounds away from being underweight, and looking sickly. I don't know how I can manage to stop him from losing weight and still manage to lose weight. I can't afford to cook 2 different meal every day.
I tried increasing his portion but he is not hungry enough to eat them(makes a huge amount of veggies). any tips you guys have to ensure that your weight loss is not affecting the others around you ? he is eating donuts and cookies for snack.. but id rather find and healthy alternative to junk... any idea?

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