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1/16/13 6:26 P

To piggy back on the question...if I have a dumbbell in each hand, do I put the combined total weight (TW) or the weight of one, knowing that it is x2??

And one more with that: when doing assisted pull-ups, do I do the math & take my body weight minus weights to get the actual weight that I am able to pull-up???
(In other words, if I'm 165 on the gym scale, and place metal tab at 125#, that means I'm in fact pulling up 40#'s.) Or do I just mark the 125# knowing the above info. as it applies to me?

...maybe it is just a matter of being consistent, one way or the other!?!

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1/16/13 6:03 P

I agree - leave it blank for bodyweight exercises. That way it is clear when you step things up a bit (eg. squats with dumbbells).


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1/16/13 3:43 P

If I'm only using body weight, I leave the weight box empty.

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1/16/13 3:20 P

The weight you enter is the weight you are using. If you are using no additional weights, just leave it blank. Or you may have to enter something, if so, in that case, enter '0'. Been a while since I've not used an SP video and manually entered it. :)

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1/16/13 3:16 P

when it asks you to enter the weight, is that just if you're actually using weight? or should you enter your body weight? like if i'm just doing squats with no additional weight, what should i put in?

I am so going to do this!!
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