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1/13/12 1:38 P

Assume that if you put it in the pan that it gets absorbed by the food.

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1/13/12 11:52 A

Oil has a lot of calories, so it has to be tracked. I count the number of table spoons of oil used to cook the dish, and divide it by the number of portions in the whole dish. That would give you the contribution of the oil in terms of calories to each portion.

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1/13/12 11:44 A

Yep. Measure (by weight or volume) and record them in your tracker. If you used a tablespoon of oil and ate half of the food you cooked, track 1/2 tbsp of oil.

You can also use the calculator on the SparkRecipes site, if you have other ingredients you want to divide into servings.

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1/13/12 11:42 A

Just do your best guess. Make sure to actually measure in measuring spoons instead of "eyeing" it. If you used a tablespoon and ate the whole recipe, record a tablespoon If you used a tablespoon and made four servings, divide by four.


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1/13/12 11:38 A

How do I count oils(olive oil) that I cook in? If I add a tbls to the pan, should I record a tbls in my tracker?

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