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9/3/13 9:50 P

Start with modified push ups.

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9/3/13 1:56 P

If your wrists are a problem before you arms give out you need to get a set of weights. Put them under you and wrap you hands around them. It keeps your wrists straight and allows you to do the push up after your wrists are tired.

I was able to many more this way after my wrists go sore.

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9/3/13 12:24 P

The other thing to do (along with a push up progressions already suggested) is to do the yoga poses and try to hold them for increasingly long intervals. I imagine you're probably working on downward facing dog, high plank, dolphin, and similar poses. Just hanging out in these poses will help your body get used to doing them and you'll eventually be able to hold them longer.

SUNDOWN27 Posts: 11
9/3/13 11:57 A

Thanks for the info. It was very useful. Trying to build up upper body strength. Did this for some of my yoga poses. Can"t do all of they like i should till I get more strength in arms.

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8/14/13 5:07 P

Wall push ups are great especially when you have bad knees!!

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8/14/13 10:15 A

start will wall push ups and gradually get to the floor.

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8/14/13 9:39 A

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8/13/13 9:46 P

Try the Spark article "You Can Do Perfect Pushups" which details how to train progressively to regular pushups.


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8/13/13 7:47 P

You can start by doing them elevated; it makes it easier. Here's one plan:

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SUNDOWN27 Posts: 11
8/13/13 6:49 P

How do you build strength in arms to be able to do a push up? I have weak wrists and forearms. Any exerxicse to help to do a push up?

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