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1/27/14 11:30 P

It depends on the reason for the snack.

Some people UNDEReat for their weight, and activities. Are you hungry? If so, then eat, but you may need to have a look at the composition of what you are eating for your meals. There are loads of variables, and common ones are not starting your day off with a good, filling breakfast, with a good source of protein, and complex carbs (not processed ones), and not eating enough during the day

I am one who has a number of snacks. Sometimes 4 in a day, but I have accommodated this in my planning. Most of my snacks are fruit, and sometimes some protein as well.

IF snacking is out of boredom, then you need to deal with that. Find something that takes your mind off mindlessly putting your hand to your mouth. Maybe just chew on sugar-free gum, and play cards, or read. SP has some very good articles - even ones on how to avoid snacking :-) Just explore the toolbar above.


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1/27/14 11:27 P

Make it easy to have a healthy, portion-controlled snack and hard to overdo it. Every night before bedtime, measure out your snacks for the next day and put them in cute little containers. Store them in a place where they're easy to access so you don't have to go far into the kitchen/fridge and start seeing other things. Then put the rest away on the highest shelf or way back behind the milk and vegetables, so you would have to work hard to find it and give yourself a second serving.

This is the only advantage of being short. I can store tempting things like crackers or chocolate on the top shelf of my pantry and then move the step stool into the laundry room. It pretty much eliminates mindless snacking!

For late-night snacking, another trick is to mop the kitchen floor in the evening, with lots of water so it takes a long time to dry. Then you can't go in there to look for a snack until it's dry, or you'll have to mop it again to get rid of your footprints.

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1/27/14 11:09 P

Are you eating enough food for your meals?

If say your calorie range is 1200-1500 calories, try eating meals like 300 calorie breakfast, 300 calorie lunch, 200 calorie mid-afternoon snack, 500 calorie dinner. This is 1300. If you even want to, you can have a 200 calorie dessert or evening snack to bring you to 1500.

Eating smaller, yet more frequently, helps a lot of people not get to the point to where they are so hungry that they overeat when snacking.

Also, remove junk food from you house and replace with healthy low calorie options:

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1/27/14 10:55 P

I understand having a snack is good sometimes, but a lot of the time I just go overboard. what are some tips to avoid snacking like crazy?

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