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12/3/12 11:29 A

I get a massage and a mani-pedi blow out every couple of months. I don't use food to treat myself because I can always find a reason I "need" a that kind of treat!

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12/3/12 10:42 A


I agree with food not being a "treat" I have a one free day like they suggest in Body for Life but it's not a reward. I keep my rewards as further pampering to my body for the kick A** workouts I'm doing! :)

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12/3/12 9:52 A

I try to keep it to one day a week. Usually Saturday because that's the day most likely to involve a family get together.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
12/3/12 6:07 A

I eat way over my calories once every 2 weeks. I started doing this years ago to "restart my metabolism" and it didn't hurt and I enjoyed it so I kept it.

But I do have little treats more often. I make homemade oatmeal bars for breakfast and I usually put chocolate in those, so I usually have chocolate just about every day. It's only 10-20 grams but it's lovely.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/2/12 9:46 P

food should never be used as a reward for anything. Food is our friend not our enemy. I don't hardly ever treat myself I just use common sence. If I want some onion rings I get some and share them with a friend. I eat 3 or 4 and they can have the rest.

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12/2/12 7:28 P

So far I have treated myself to chocolate and frozen yogurt in moderation. It always fits into my calorie range though.

MEANREDS92 Posts: 818
12/2/12 7:18 P

Far too often. I have a slight obsession with ice cream so that has been a big stumbling block for me. I also have been drinking pop far too often since coming to college. My goal is only once a month maximum, or special occassions though because otherwise I end up eating seven or eight ice cream sandwiches a week.

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12/2/12 6:47 P

it really depends on how many calories you're talking about. figure that with a 1lb loss per week, you're only eating 500 cals less than what you would have to eat to maintain. over a 7 day period, that adds up to 3500 cals.
if your mexican meal out is 2000 cals and let's say you've budgeted 500 cals out of your day for it, that's going to take 1500 cals out of your weekly deficit. which leaves you with a 2000 cal deficit for the week. so you're looking at just over half a pound of loss a week instead of a full pound. if you were only set to lose half a pound a week, that 1500 extra cals is going to leave you with a 200 cal a week deficit, which is going to mean a very slow loss.
if your mexican meal out is 600 cals, you can probably work that in once a week with a minimal impact on your loss per week. i mean if you had budgeted 500 for the meal, that's only 100 cals eating into your weekly deficit. so 3400 for a just under a pound a week and 1600 for just under half a pound a week.

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12/2/12 6:32 P

Ehh, I don't really want to overindulge. So I'd say once every few months? But in terms of small treats (in my case, chocolate, a gluten free donut, or some other kind of 'sweet') - I treat myself every day!

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12/2/12 6:14 P

Notwithstanding the smaller 'treats'...if you are talking about a larger outing where you are going to indulge a bit in richer food, then I allow myself to do this when the need arises and don't really do it on a scheduled basis. I works out to be about every 2 weeks or so.

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12/2/12 6:10 P

I usually eat out once a week. I don't do it as a "reward" for eating healthy, but rather just part of life. I'm in maintenance too. So, I just eat a little less than a good maintenance level (not much, just like 50 calories less) throughout the week to compensate for that bigger meal I know I'll be having sometime on the weekend.

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12/2/12 6:02 P

hey guys and girls, i have a question for you all. i have a confession...i LOVE mexican food, particularly the tortilla chips and salsa/ bean dip! im curently just trying to maintain my weight and i consider myself to eat pretty healthy, but about every 3-4 days..i will sure get the craving for some salty crispy goodness!!

so im thinking to allow myself one day a week, maby every frieday or saterday, to allow myself to go out and eat my favorite mexican resturaunt as a treat for eating healthy through the week, but of course i get to questioning if thats to often? so im asking what yall do as far as how often yall treat yalls self's to a "not-so-healthy" meal so you dont go insane? thanks!

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