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2/10/14 9:42 A

thank you so much everyone for all the advice emoticon I think I will try out the online converter until I can get some measuring cups, this will make life so much easier :)

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2/10/14 8:43 A

Frankly, the UK has it right when it comes to measuring things - weights are much more useful than volumes. A lot of recipe sites now have converters that will go from US measurements to metric by just toggling a button. I think allrecipes is one.

2/10/14 8:37 A

A cup is 8 ounces, or 16 tablespoons. It's a way to measure volume, but not weight. Go to a store and buy an inexpensive set of measuring cups and spoons. It will help you a lot, especially if you're not used to visualizing common American units of measure. Don't use a teacup; it's not 8 ounces.

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2/10/14 7:39 A

a cup is about 250mL or 8 oz of water.

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2/10/14 5:39 A

emoticon Hi everyone,

This may seem like the stupidest question ever, but I am trying to track my food/ use spark recipes and I keep getting thrown off by this cup thing. I am from the UK and we don't use cup measurements here, so I was wondering what kind of cup is it? and how many grams or Oz are in said cup? As you can imagine trying to guess has had me pulling this face emoticon and rummaging through the cupboards examining all the cups (tea cups included) until I decided they were all too big to measure food in. what should I do?

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