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3/8/14 12:49 P

8 U.S. ounces equals 236.588 ml.

That is 1 cup for measuring.

Your glass sizes for drinking water could vary. The glasses we have in this house are a lot bigger than 1 cup (8 oz) - so get a cup measuring device (or a ml measuring device) fill it with water, and pour it into the glasses that you use to drink water from.

This will let you know how many ounces (or ml) you are consuming per glass.

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3/8/14 12:39 P

hi all

if anyone could please let me know how many cl or ml ina glass of water?



in theory practice and theory are the same - in practice they aren't ....... I need to work on the practice and the only way to do this is to measure what is actually happening ! .... good luck everyone ... xx
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