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6/5/12 11:37 P

I agree with the others - there are just too many variables to come up with an accurate prediction:

* a 10 pound loss will result in more lost inches on a short person than a tall person
* you don't have any control over where you lose weight from - in any particular week it could come predominantly from your calves, or your thighs, or waist, etc.
* creating a 1 inch loss on someone with a 50 inch waist requires a greater volume of fat than someone with a 40 inch waist.

I do have a theory though (totally UNbacked up by any scientific evidence). A sustainable rate of weight loss is generally reckoned at 1% of your body weight per week, so if you extended this you could probably expect to lose 1% of your inches per week also on a long term average. (Even this theory has a number of mathematical holes in it, but as a crude approximation??)


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6/5/12 10:08 P

"typical shrinkage for one month."

I agree.. there is no typical!

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6/5/12 9:40 P

I lost 9 inches this past month, but I am not sure what is "typical," even more so considering this past month was the first time I recorded measurements. I'm sure inches lost will vary from person to person.

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6/5/12 9:06 P

Most people don't lose size uniformly over our whole bodies. We tend to lose size in some places before others. The first place for me was in my face -- which didn't effect any of my measurements. I also got smaller in my shoulders and chest early on. My abdomen will apparently be the last place I'll lose it. It's also the first place I put weight whenever I gain a little back.

Overall, with my 30 pound weight loss, I have gone down from a size 18-20 to a size 16.

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6/5/12 4:40 P

I don't think there IS a typical answer to this question, even for an individual. I might lose one inch in a month, or none. Or three. There's no pattern to it.

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6/5/12 2:56 P

Just taking an informal survey :) I've been at this about a month and am getting ready to take a new set of measurements. So just curious to see what everyone else finds to be typical shrinkage for one month.

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