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2/8/12 3:21 A

Sometimes I get so confused about what is best when, how much, how long, how often....but I am still learning!

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2/8/12 1:24 A

Definitely try the free weights, squats on the squat machine or squats with a dumbell or kettlebells, if you can do compound exercises, even better ie squat and press. Give it a go.

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
2/8/12 12:47 A

Ditto what Nancy said.

And doing 5 exercises, but all on your chest and none on your back, would be a huge waste of time, for example.

It depends on what you're doing; 5 on the legs sounds like overkill, since there's only two exercises truly sufficient. Actually same goes for upper body, but an argument can be made for 3 sufficient ones there.

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2/7/12 10:52 P


It depends on what your goals are? And what you mean by right? As long as you are overloading your muscles you will see some progress, but don't feel as though you must stick with machines. Free weight offer a whole different array of challenges for your body, too.

Coach Nancy

2/7/12 10:45 P

weight train?

I use about 5 different weight machines on legs and 5 on upper body. Is that about right?

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