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12/3/12 1:54 P


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12/3/12 1:54 P

Listen to your body. ;) Go for a walk if you feel the need to move, but lay off the tough exercise for a while. You've put your body through the wringer, and rushing back in too soon risks injury!

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12/3/12 1:37 P

the general rule of thumb is to rest 1 day per mile raced.

That's not to say do nothing, it just means no hard workouts.

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12/3/12 12:49 P

Hello everyone!

I just completed my very first Tough Mudder on Saturday, and didn't do any training yesterday [Sunday] because my body is sooo sore/bruised/scraped. I was wondering though, how many days should I let my body rest before I start running and weight training again? Tough Mudder is 12 miles and 25 obstacles, it was my very first official run/course of any kind, so I don't know if I am good to go now, or if I should give myself 2-3 days of rest so I don't over-train.

My entire body hurts, but it doesn't feel much worse than if I did an intense full-body workout at the gym. My throat does hurt and my nose is stuffy though, but that could just as easily be from inhaling/swallowing dirt...there was a LOT of mud.

Thoughts? Advice from a fellow mudder? I'm open to anything, I don't want to hinder my progress! :)

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