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You'll burn more calories in a job like that, but once you've been doing it for a while it becomes like a normal part of your day. So I wouldn't consider it to be exercise, because new and different activity is what's going to shake things up and help with weight loss. Here's an Ask the Expert that explains in a little more detail:

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I do believe you burn calories as a cashier first of all you are moving side by side ringing and filling bags you are lifting items and you are picking up hangers and moving them to another area and there is stooping and raising up and now if you have 50 people in half hr and you are doing it for 4 or 5 hrs how can you not be burning calories, how many I am not sure also walking to reception area to get customers to come to your register but some days it is non stop you dont even have to leave your post people just keep coming and sometimes you think dont they see the other registers but they usually are just as busy emoticon

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