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7/21/04 8:59 P

Hey! Dee is exactly right. I bought a heart rate monitor from You can also pick one up at Target or a sporting goods store. I did Super Cardio Sculpt today, and I burned 270 calories, but the tape is only 39 minutes long. I burn 328 doing Maximum Cardio Burn. Sculpting videos are less calories burned. I burn the most with Complete Aerobics and Weight Training at 360 calories. It also depends on your weight and how hard to work that day.
Yes, I try to always burn a MINIMUM of 250 calories during my workout. If a workout is completed, and I've burned less that 250, I keep going and do something like the treadmill until I get to 250. It takes 3,500 calories to lose one pound, so if you burn an extra 250 a day, and you don't overeat, you should lose a half pound a week. Of course, 500 a day would be a pound, but it is a lot easier to cut back on 500 calories a day for that half pound.

7/21/04 12:14 P

The best way to judge calories burned doing a video is to where a heart rate monitor that tracks your calories burned. For me, a Firm video like CardioSculpt burns about 350 if I work hard. A Cathe like BootCamp burns 450.

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7/21/04 11:27 A

It depends on which FIRM video. Some are sculpting and would count under the strength training. Others are cardio and would go under aerobic dance or cross training. They are AWESOME videos that I was seeing great results with until my TV died:(

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7/20/04 10:34 P

ibeen doing the firm workout for a week now ,but i have no idea how many calories i'm buring doing this . i heard that buring 500 calories a day will help u lose 2 ibs a week is this true . oh by the way where does the firm fit in to get credit in working out thanks

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