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JANET0116 Posts: 672
4/18/10 11:12 A

It completely depends on your goals, and how much you want to restrict your eating. As others, said, input your goals into SP and it will calculate your calories...then if you feel its too restrictive, start playing with the exercise levels.

For me, I want to lose a one pound a week. I do not want to cut my diet down more than 300 calories per day, so I need to burn 200 additional calories per day.

YIYEHTOV Posts: 794
4/18/10 8:35 A

Overall, you need a 500 calorie deficit each day to lose a lb each week, but that doesn't mean you need to exercise off 800 calories each day-- that just means that the amount of calories your body burns just by living plus the amount of calories you burn through exercise needs to add up to at least 800 calories (probably more like 1000). But as others have said, you don't need to know this! Just enter your goals and the amount you exercise into spark, and it will tell you how many calories to eat. Change your calories burned and it will change your calories eaten.

Good luck!


ELISADEL Posts: 662
4/17/10 11:53 P

It's mostly up to you how many you want to burn. There's a basic amount that you automatically burn just to stay alive and do your basic daily activities, but everything beyond that is your own decision. For the sake of your health, it's a good idea exercise at least 3 times a week though (whether you're losing weight or not!)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/17/10 10:47 P

This site works the other way around. If you tell it how many calories you're burning, it'll tell you how many to eat. :)

4/17/10 9:45 P

The fitness tracker should let you know. It will be different for everyone. I need to burn about 150 calories 3 or 4 times a week. Are you using the tracking features on here? that is the best way to make sure you are doing it right and in a healthy way.

NETASHA2 Posts: 4
4/17/10 9:32 P

i just wanted to know how many calories are you supposed to burn if i'm taking in between 1300 and 1500 cals a day?

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