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6/5/14 10:54 P

While being as active as you can is always good, everyday activities are not a substitute for exercise. They don't get your heart rate elevated for an extended period in the way that more focussed exercise, and thus don't create the same health and fitness benefits.

Also, in coming up with calorie intake recommendation, Spark has already included an allowance for typical everyday activities. So to count these things as exercise would be to double count them, and will make your long term weight loss harder.

Because the weight of a cart and stroller goes down through the wheels, not your legs, you should track this as regular walking.


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6/5/14 9:41 P

JENARLPN, those activities are part of your everyday life. I would consider any calories burned doing them as a bonus, but not as a substitute for exercise.

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6/5/14 8:49 P

Exercise is when you get your heart rate up and maintain it for some time. Though you are a very busy mom ... these activities are not what are going to get you to your weight loss goal.

If you push the kiddos in the stroller for 10-15 minutes ... that's exercise.


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6/5/14 6:58 P

I consider these activities as just daily living, yes they take some effort but they don't get your heart rate up enough to be considered exercise. It is just part of an active daily lifestyle.

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I usually don't track everyday chores as fitness. But when I do it's because one of the things that I like to do is put music on and dance while I clean. I use a heart rate monitor and I've burned up to 200 calories just cleaning my kitchen floor, although I think it's because I do more dancing than cleaning. emoticon

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6/4/14 4:36 P

Welcome, Jena!

Like CoffeeQueen, I do not track things that are part of my standard day, regardless of intensity. I technically work a desk job, but am on my feet and moving around (lifting and carrying things of varying weights up to about 30 pounds daily, up to 50 pounds less often; when I've worn my pedometer, I walk between 3 and 8 miles at work doing work tasks) for at least four of nine working hours at a fairly steady and active rate. My body is used to that movement so it's not considered challenging.

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6/4/14 3:53 P

Hello! Welcome!

I'm a busy mom of 4, so I get what your saying! I don't know what other people do, but I don't track my day-to-day "chores" as fitness minutes. If I did, I'd have 16 hours a day of fitness minutes, because this mom rarely sits down! Lol. Anyway, I count only the minutes I actually exercised.

Best wishes! : )

6/4/14 3:47 P

i am wondering how to put in my workout when i am lifting a double stroller in and out of car when I am out with the kids? also how do you put in household chores. I am a single mom to three kids under that age four so I get a lot of exercise during childcare things. also how do you put in pushing a cart and stroller what kind of workout would that be. what work out can i put for when i am working as a nurse. I have the tracker so that gets my steps but i have to get medications ready to be handed out as well.

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