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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/18/12 8:16 A

I track my food and exercise, read reports, read articles ( a big learning tool) go through the points page (another big learning tool) and make friends on my spark teams. I think Spark is a great way to loose weight and get healthy if you follow the plan.

MRSCLAUS46 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,830)
Posts: 656
11/17/12 1:19 P

I use all the tools I can to plan as well as hold myself accountable. Have also used it as a social tool to connect with others but since Tuesday have not been able to access anything more than my own page, trackers and points. Can't seem to get answers as to why....I wasn't able to access the message boards for a couple of days too. emoticon

11TERRY20 Posts: 237
11/17/12 12:57 P

I began using it as tool working toward better health. Now I'm using it to meet goals in other areas of my life.


MLAN613 Posts: 17,799
11/17/12 12:47 P

I simply use it as a tool to track nutrition and exercise and learn about healthy living.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 15,878
11/17/12 12:38 P

I mainly use it to connect with other people who are of the same mind set as I am. :)

SDGAMBLE Posts: 637
11/17/12 10:40 A

I use Virtual Food Pro - I track the food I eat (calories, nutrients), monitor nutritional goals, track SparkPoints, read articles, try to keep informed.

ARUSHING2 SparkPoints: (26,830)
Fitness Minutes: (19,755)
Posts: 720
11/17/12 10:39 A

In all ways that I can find and I keep finding more ways to do so!

-VIXEN- SparkPoints: (24,203)
Fitness Minutes: (3,211)
Posts: 832
11/17/12 10:38 A

I use SP in a variety of ways. I track my food and analyze my daily nutrients with the reports. I use Spark Coach for daily accountability. I engage with Spark friends who support me and allow me to support them in return. I read articles and educate myself on healthy living. I take polls, rack up points and play trivia for fun. I choose exercise videos to do and track them here as well. I make recipes from ones I find on the recipe site. I join challenges to keep me motivated. This site really provides a plethora of tools to pick and choose from. I use as many as I can. :)

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
11/17/12 10:29 A

"Doing SP" is whatever you make it. If that is only tracking then that is "DOING" for you but for others it might but more - lie reading the articles, catching some encouragement from fellow sparkers or giving some encouragement. I love to see my points add up so I like going to the page that shows me all the ways I can get points (to do this click on :view sparkpoints by your trophy).
It is all relative!!!

HOLLYM48 Posts: 16,889
11/17/12 10:24 A

It is better for me than WW. I love the food tracker and fitness tracker, it just keeps you accountable and the articles are great for more knowledge and the other thing I absolutely love about this site are the recipes. I have made several of them and they were all great. They are low in calories per serving but so good even my family is trying new things and finding out how good it is! It does take a while to navigate thru it but if you watch the videos about it and how to use it, you will find that it is a great program to use. Look at all the motivational stories and how much weight people have lost by using this site. They are doing something that MANY people love! Good luck!

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (72,786)
Fitness Minutes: (56,481)
Posts: 4,767
11/17/12 9:37 A

I use SP in much the same way as the previous posters -- to track, to promote consistency, to experience a little comaraderie on my journey, and to learn.

But I think some people seek a structured program and want to be told what to do. So they use all the suggestions and recommendations on SP as that desired structure. For example, they use the recommended calorie ranges ... exercise tips, etc. as "rules" or "guidelines to be followed." There is also a feature that recommends specific meals in SP, but I don't know how to access that feature because I don't want that.

BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,638
11/17/12 12:37 A

Tracking and consistency

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/17/12 12:30 A

I use sparks to track my stay connected to my sparks learn about a healthier lifestyle.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
11/17/12 12:29 A

I just hang around SP daily bcoz it's fun to rack up points, and at the same time, learn to eat and live healthier and make new friends!

JULE1015 Posts: 104
11/16/12 11:00 P

I keep reading about "doing sp" and I'm wondering what that means. I track my calories and exercise and participate a bit on message boards and teams, but it seems that I might be missing some stuff. For instance, I don't get it when people compare sp to something like weight watchers. WW is a defined program, and I don't quite see sp as a program. What am I missing?

Or in other words, how do you use sp?

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