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10/15/12 1:57 P

Thanks everyone!! These are really great suggestions! so good to know they're more lenient with water bottles and food now. I think that will help a lot! If I can't find nutritional info on what I buy there, at least I can keep myself full on what i know is healthy.

and yeah, the self-control thing is hard when you have a delicious buffet in front of you! It's so much easier for me when I can track all my calories. Heck, I defeated my dreaded and beloved PF Changs (aka palace o' salt and oil) by looking up their nutritional info ahead of time and picking low cal/low salt options before we arrived. (side of spinach mixed with a side of brown rice, and a tomato salad...since their portions are huge this was very filling!) And I was perfectly satisfied with my healthy choices. Its odd but I feel like when I know that a small dish is giving me enough calories, I feel fuller after eating less than I do when I don't know the caloric content. And when I know something is obscenely high cal or high salt it loses it's appeal. so yeah, i guess what I'm afraid of is the whole having to guess how many calories/how much salt thing. It's just so easy to convince myself that something MUST BE low cal because it's a salad etc, when it's really not because the dressing is 200, the cheese is 300, and the croutons... forget about it.

That said, I don't expect disney to post nutritional info for all their restaurants in the next 2 weeks, so I really do appreciate all of your suggestions! I will use them all!!

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10/12/12 5:13 P

KS ~ the problem for me with the Biergarten is that it's a buffet. So if you have self control no prob...I did not.

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10/12/12 5:07 P

what kind of water bottle you have makes the difference in how you cart it around. for a sigg or another with a loop top, it's easy to just buy a carabiner and hook it to your bag or belt loop. if you buy disposable bottles, you can buy a strap there that you hook around your neck [think a lanyard or purse strap] and adjust around the water bottle. they also have another variant that's a coozy that's attached to a strap that you can put around your neck or attach to your belt. if you're confused by that description, just start looking at cast members, particularly ones that are in sunny spots like the people who park you or the first agent p station on your way to the world showcase and most of those stationary castmembers will have one of the disposable water bottle holders.
the only thing you can't bring in is glass. i have seen people bringing a full rotisserie chicken into the food and wine festival. in the plastic container you buy it in at the grocery store. you can bring in full coolers, soft coolers, pretty much anything that isn't glass or a weapon.
at epcot in the basement of the land you'll find a ton of grab and go options. they have salads, fruit and cheese plates, hummus plates, salad wraps, salads, hard boiled eggs and so forth. you can go on the land ride to see where some of the veggies are grown while you are down there.
disney's website or has the food and wine festival menu up, though all ears posts pics of the prices. you can also find regular menu items there as well. the food and wine portions are tiny and the regular stuff is more overpriced than overportioned [though the portions are larger than portions].
while at the food and wine fest, make it your goal to do at least two laps [if not more] around the lagoon. i've done well over 10,000 steps in just a few hours by making sure to make circles.
if you stick to table service, you'll have more options and a little lighter fare. the self serve places tend to be heavily fried and fries. the sit down places should be able to handle any accommodations provided it's on the menu [ie, if they have mushrooms, they'll happily add mushrooms to your dish for you]. and if you prefer quality stuff, the tutto gusto wine cellar in itlay has excellent anitpato stuff. it's not the lowest calorie food ever invented, but it's excellent quality and well balanced. plus, it's great to share with the table and the portions are fairly small.

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10/12/12 4:13 P

Oh also something I learned recently. I had not been to Disney parks in about 3+ years and went to 3 in the span of two months this guests that came with me all brought bottled water in, no one took it away like they used to. As well I saw MANY families bringing in small snacks. In the past they used to take all that away but I guess they are a little more lenient on it now.

10/12/12 3:00 P

Why didn't I think of the children's menu! Great idea! Oh and i bet you're right about the sugar free desserts, for diabetics and those with gluten allergies i imagine... but without the sugar that means fewer calories!

And yeah, I think my biggest fear is that at home I can easily avoid tempting foods by just not buying them, and planning my meals. But it's a whole different ballgame when you have to avoid tempting foods while you're surrounded by them!

10/12/12 2:54 P

Omg the Biergarten!! You're right that place is DANGEROUS! And I KNOW we're going there, it's kind of a tradition for these guys. :-/

Interesting thought about the meal reservations, both for planning and for knowing where we're going! that could definitely help! I did check out a few restaurant websites and while they have menus the menus don't have nutritional info.... I wonder if I could have that emailed to me?? Just so hard to know even from a menu what's loaded with hidden fat, sugar, salt...

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10/12/12 1:50 P

Actually Disney is a very easy place to eat healthy if you choose to do so. All the park venues have healthy items even the counter venues. Portion control is needed however as they are huge. Got a chicken wrap that could have fed a starving family of 4! I got so I would order a child's menu item. Even they come with fresh fruit and veggie options as sides. The sit down nice dinner venues all have healthy offerings as well. Many have sugar free desserts if that is your thing. The only challenge as with all eating out is temptation to order something you shouldn't or to eat more of a large serving than you should.

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10/12/12 1:49 P

I was at Epcot recently. The Biergarten in Germany was too much. The French pastry joint was actually within range. Just don't have the pastry. Go online and many of the restaurants have menus.

Do you have meal reservations? Probably a good idea. And walk walk walk!

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10/12/12 1:26 P

Aha! splitting meals! Good idea! We're also staying at a friend's house, not in a hotel, so I can very easily pack up half and take it home... even if they won't choose what I do as their dinner option and split it with me in the restaurant, they guys will always shovel the leftovers!

Oh and water! that does make you feel full doesn't it! You wouldn't think. But how do you cart around a water bottle in the parks? Or do you not, and just buy bottled water there?


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10/12/12 1:09 P

Oops double post, sticky mouse lol

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10/12/12 1:09 P

The only advice I can swear by there is to split a meal but if you don't have someone you can do that with then choose the lighter fares when you can. Water not soda. There are plenty of healthy choices as they have salads and fruits but with the food festival just stay away from fried or greasy. I was once addicted to a peanut chicken they had and probably ate about 5-6 sticks with my mother one year. The walking will help some but make sure you keep hydrated too so you don't feel overly hungry.

10/12/12 1:01 P

Hi all!! I've got a Disney World vacation coming up in two weeks, during their Food and Wine festival, and while I'm crazy excited for it, I'm also scared I'm going to gain back the weight I've recently lost!! Last time I went I put on 3-4 lbs in about a week and a half, and it takes me weeks to shed that amount! I've been working so hard all summer/fall, don't want that all to go to waste!

Has anyone else tried tracking their calories in Disney?? Or does anyone know of eating establishments that are healthier than others? (also going with two guys who are NOT watching their waistlines while we're there so no help there!) Does anyone have any tips??? Healthy restaurants, tips for finding nutritional info before hitting a restaurant?? emoticon


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