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1/7/14 5:01 A

Perhaps the Dr is recommending x-rays and an MRI for an accurate diagnosis to see what is going on, and THEN can prescribe an appropriate course of treatment for you.

As an example, my teenaged grandson fell off his skateboard 2-3 years ago. He badly injured his knee. He had x-rays which showed he needed surgery, and ended up having that, and then extensive physio. He resumed his skateboarding, and did some more damage to his knee. He had more physio, but his knee still wasn't right, altho' he had improved. After he came to live with me, he said that his knee often gives way and hurts at time. I also noticed that it would swell occasionally. I took him back to the original Physiotherapist who examined him, then said he was referring him back to the surgeon who did the surgery because if he provided the physiotherapy without really knowing what was happening, he could do more damage. Well the surgeon arranged for an x-ray and an MRI. It turned out that he had a few big bits of loose cartilage between his kneecap and the joint, and the kneecap was slightly out of place which had caused arthritis in his knee. We are talking about a 'just-turned' 18 year old. Since the second surgery, he hasn't had any problems at all.

Perhaps it isn't actually a waste of time getting that x-ray or MRI ????


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Remember that 80% of your weight loss is from what and how much you choose to don't worry about your exercise limitations at this point....! :0 There are many folks who have done this without exercising!! You can too....

If you have very limited Internet at this point, you can always keep a Food Journal of your own on your home computer or on paper. the important point of it is to learn about portions, calories and nutrition basics: carbs, fats, proteins. There are many great books at the Library that can help you with the calorie and Nutrition facts for different foods. Grab a few and get started Tracking! Since most of us eat many of the same things on a repeat basis, I think you will find it not all that hard once you get some basic favorites figured out. When you can get on Spark here....use your time wisely to Learn, Learn, Learn!! Figure out your calorie goals, your carb, fat and protein goals....Read some of the Nutrition articles;

Best wishes for your foot continuing to get better....!

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1/6/14 9:23 P

It depends on your injury. But check out chair exercises

1/6/14 8:19 P

Would exercise tips from a physical therapist be helpful. I want you to be able to find ways to fit in fitness that do not bring about injury or pain. In my state, you now don't even have to have a referral from the doctor to see a physical therapist. Or you could call your doctor to see if he/she will give you a referral.

Sparkpeople is here to help with the support and encouragement. Do join a sparkteam (maybe a diabetes team or a team with a personal interest of yours). Do you have internet access at work or at your local library. Connect during after work hours. Connect several times a week--it doesn't have to be daily.

Does your community/hospital have a diabetes support group--this would be another place for support and motivation.

Hopefully, others will have some tips too.

your SP Registered dietitian

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1/6/14 7:41 P

feb of 2013 i injured myself somehow.. i have tendentious in my right foot. was not able to walk for months without crutches, even to have a blanket on that foot was excruciating pain! it has been almost a year now.. i still get pain from time to time but nothing like it was for those first few months. i am scared to repeat that pain. how do i get back to working out and eating right after an injury? my doctor seems worthless. all they want to do is Xrays and MRIs and give me a bunch of medications which i don't want. I am borderline diabetic so i use splenda when i have coffee i regulate my blood sugar with food not with pills. how do i get motivated and stick to it? i have gained 45 pounds since last year and i want to be healthy again!! ( have another problem) i can't always get online for motivation i don't have internet... help? anyone have any advice?

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