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5/29/12 8:05 A

priorities and planning

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5/29/12 1:59 A

These replies haved really good ideas! I am a night owl by nature with similar multiple demands on my time. 5am for me is usually only a few hours after I have gone to bed, or one of my jumping-out-of-bed (situps?) moments which occur with some frequency every night to help someone i care for as they need me. I already wear a pedometer, and find ways to lift weights (like curls with heavy grocery bags while walking back to the car), and be conveniently inefficient, so that I have to go up and down the basement stairs a few more times. I count leg lifts while brushing my teeth, shrugs and knee bends in the shower.... anywhere anytime.

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5/28/12 12:15 P

I wake up at 545, go for a 1mi walk/run outside, or if it's raining I do 15-20mins of ZUMBA at home. If time permits I do 10min strength training before breakfast/shower/work. IF I feel up to it, I might do a bit of circuit training after dinner during the week, but not always. I do a lot more fitness on weekends when I have more me time :)

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5/26/12 1:25 P

I get up at 5 a.m. and get on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I try to do crunches and pushups during that time also. I also try a couple of days a week to get in two 30 minute evening treadmill workouts.

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5/25/12 3:34 P

I get up @ 5am to workout... make some time for yourself!

5/25/12 1:43 P

Oniqueka -

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on all you do to help women and your community and the commitment to your faith!

After reading you daily activities, you are probably working out much more than you think you are. I didn’t think I could fit in exercise either, but I needed to figure out what areas were lacking so I invested in some really great running sneakers and a Fitbit.

The Fitbit pedometer and activity tracker (while pricey, to me at $99, and any old pedometer will certainly do) is a great way to figure out how active I am. Their website recommends taking at least 10,000 steps a day. I set my goal down to 7,150 (or $50,000 per week). Hey, I admit I’m pretty lazy! LOL

At first - without adding any additional workouts - I got a baseline estimate of my activity level and I realized that in just commuting by train and going back and forth to the restroom each day added at least half my daily step goal. When I'm cleaning or doing laundry, or shopping that's even more activity.

Because I really couldn't squeeze much of a workout in daily (besides being lazy, I am not a morning person), I started doing little things like lifting weights and doing toning exercises while watching TV. But, more importantly, I started going out of my way. Taking the “scenic route” to the restroom at work. Walking two stop away to catch the train. Parking at the very back of the lot when I'm shopping, then walking through every aisle – a whole tour of the store - rather than going immediately to the items I wanted to buy. During my lunch hour, I may spend 20-40 minutes walking so I’d still have plenty of time to eat. I have a few apps on my phone with simple toning exercise videos I do for a few minutes while I'm at work and at home when I think about it. I try to remember to stand and pace when I'm taking phone calls. I take extra trips carrying laundry instead of making just one big pile. I take the stairs. I watch TV standing up most of the time. Little things like that make a huge difference, especially when it’s being tracked and I can see my progress.

What truly motivates me to move more throughout the day is wearing my sneakers. I figure "If I wear them, why not walk a little more?" This works for me because wearing sneakers to work instead of my "cute" shoes is a real sacrifice and I make the most of it. I, of course, have several pairs of pumps in my office to change into.

Once you start small and you see the progress you are making, you'll find small ways to fit in more small things, then bigger things. For example, on at least one weekend day (Saturday), I walk for an hour at a trail near my home. I wake up early for that because it's like meditation time for me early in the morning to be out and I practically have the park to myself. Then, I go about my day (usually errands, chores, and shopping). Have you tried an audio Bible to listen to while walking? There's nothing like being out in the air and meditating on the Lord!

And I should definitely add right here that I have a home gym with a recumbent bike, rebounder, health Rider, treadmill, elliptical machine, and full set of dumbbells. Outside the dumbbells, I haven’t used one piece of equipment in several months because it’s just easier to fit exercise *into* my day rather than make time for it in my schedule. Plus, I really prefer to be outdoors.

Simply tracking my progress with my pedometer, and without "fitting in" workouts (except very occasionally if the weather is lousy), amazingly, I walk 25-40 miles a week. Since January 3rd, I've lost 44.6 pounds. My "non-workout routine" along with keeping track of my food with a phone app, I’ve been maintain a 2.2 lb./week average weight loss and getting very fit! There is no One Right Way to get healthy, so you do what’s best for you.

And, I apologize for the long post. What can I say? I like to write! :-)

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5/25/12 12:31 P

First thing every morning--even if that means getting up early. Workout to START your day--and your day will go much better. Promise. :)

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5/25/12 8:44 A

I work in a tall office building. If I drink the right amount of water each day it (obviously) requires several trips to the ladies throughout the day... If I take the stairs one or two flights above my floor, it adds in at least 15 mins of stairs without me even thinking about it.

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5/24/12 6:57 P

I have to schedule it on my day planner just like i write down Dr appointments etc and because it is written down as an appointmnet then i know I need to keep it just as i would a Dr appointment that was scheduled.

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5/24/12 4:15 P

I agree with the getting up earlier and making your exercise the first thing you do. Then if the day gets crazy hectic you won't feel down on yourself that you didn't exercise. I'm getting up at 5:15a.m. and doing the stationary bike for about 20 minutes then I get to have my first cup of joe. I know myself enough that I won't do it when I get home after working all day. emoticon

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5/24/12 3:09 P

I just do it....

LILLITO Posts: 168
5/24/12 1:13 P

stairs, distant parking, getting up early...all good.
my sister and i live in different states, so when she walks her dog, i go too and we talk on the phone as we both 'walk the dog' twice a day. and, she's great about reminding me to walk faster if she doesn't hear me breathing hard. the only bad part is i wonder what the cell phone is doing to my brain.

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5/24/12 11:33 A

It can be a challenge. I like the idea of parking far away from your destination. Bob Harper calls this accidential exercise.

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5/24/12 11:23 A

Park away from the buildings, walk to get my son after school, take the stairs

5/23/12 3:25 P

There is a gym in my building - otherwise I don't think I would find the time.
I go everyday on my lunch hour and quickly go back to work (I eat my healthy lunch from home at my desk).
The gym i go to is a franchise so on the weekends I go to at least 1 class at the location near my home.

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5/22/12 9:26 P

My days vary. Some days I have no problem getting my 10,000 steps in, but other days I'm just too disorganized and too overwhelmed. I can do some walking at work, and I do that whenever I can. I walk in the evenings and keep going till the pedometer says I got all my steps done.

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5/22/12 9:23 P

YOU have to put yourself into the equation of all the busyness, or you won't be healthy to help other people!
FInd those 10 minute moments to do short bursts of cardio or strength training.

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5/22/12 5:27 P

Getting a dog helps me stay active. I don't have a fenced yard so I walk him twice a day. Sometimes it can be a real drag, especially if it is raining or snowing or really cold out, ... but we go out, no matter what.

TYONKA Posts: 561
5/22/12 1:49 P

PS -

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, workout video is a good place to start because she really focuses on warming up. I'm sure there are a few Spark videos that are good too (I haven't had the chance to buy them yet). But working out in the morning will give you the energy to keep going all day. Try to focus on doing each movement slow and correct. Don't worry about how fast the instructor is going until you improve your fitness level enough to keep up.

Another way I sneak in exercise is by walking during my lunch break. I have an hour for lunch and I walk for the first 30 minutes of it. Plus, getting out of the office to workout will ensure that you actually get a full lunch break without someone asking you to do something.

Good luck.

TYONKA Posts: 561
5/22/12 1:33 P

To be honest, If you are too busy to work out, your best bet is to wake up 30-45 minutes earlier than everyone else. You will have personal time before having to start your day. We all know that unexpected things occur on a daily basis which can change our entire schedule.


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5/21/12 2:39 P

Fitting exercise into my schedule is the hardest part. After I get off work I don't have the energy or motivation to go work out. Luckily the gym I joined is two floors below my office so I don't have the opportunity to get in my car and think about going home to eat or relax. I think adding 15 minutes a day is the best bet.

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5/21/12 2:27 P

I get up and walk first thing in the morning. Then in the afternoon I do strength training and try to get it done before 6 PM. At times it is hard, especially when a friend wants you to do something with them. But I think I need a new workout routine!

KELKER Posts: 204
5/21/12 12:44 P

It sounds like you are helping a lot of people. You won't be able to do this if you are not healthy - so for just 30 minutes a day - 1/48 of a day, put your health first.
I recently tried to do 30 days of at least 30 minutes as a kickstart. It worked great. I did my usual hour on my gym days (3X per week). A couple of non-gym days required creativity when the weather would not allow me to bike, so I ran in place, did planks and pushups, used some hand weights and got my 30 minutes in. The 10 minute wrkouts sound like a great way to start.
Good luck!

TKORTE99 Posts: 143
5/21/12 9:56 A

I know how you feel!! My kids have activities in the evenings and alot of times we don't get home from a ball game until 9 pm. Then there's laundry, stuff to get ready for school the next day, etc. I just work it in whenever I can. Sometimes that's only 3 days a week, but I feel that 3 more than if I didn't do it at all!! I am NOT a morning person at all and I have to get up early already to get me and the kids out the door (including during the summer because I work and they go to my mother in laws so they leave when I leave), so mornings just arent' an option for me. I have found that if I get on the treadmill at night and then jump in the shower before I go to bed and wash my hair, shave my legs, etc, it saves me some time in the mornings because I don't have to do that stuff in the morning.

I haven't tried any of the 10 minutes workouts, but I plan to this week!! Tonight in fact!!

MSDIAMOND600 Posts: 11,535
5/20/12 8:28 P

You just make it happen by any means necessary!

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5/20/12 7:05 P

Easy. If I want to lose weight and be healthy, it has to be a priority and it has to come first. So, I make sure and get my 8 hours of sleep, followed by a morning workout everyday. Knowing how I lose my willpower after a long day at work means I have the satisfaction that I already had a great workout even if I'm tired at the end of the day!

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5/20/12 6:20 P

wear ankle weights all day any where. do sit ups, jumping jacks, any home style exercise at work. us hand weights when u can all day. do cardio and strength before going to bed. u will sleep like a happy baby.

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5/20/12 3:01 P

I am really (really!) not a morning person, but it was getting to where there was no way I was going to exercise after work (I am a teacher with 4 kids) and my work days/kid stuff days are 13+ hours long - so I set my alarm for 4:45 am. I started liking how I felt after exercising in the morning, so I pushed it back to 4:30 am and then 4:15.

So far, I've kept it up for a month and added occasional work out sessions after work (I am fortunate to work at a high school which encourages staff to use the athletic facilities). I would never have thought I had time in my life at all to do anything, but here I am, finding 60-90 minutes a day for exercise 6 days a week! I don't get sluggish after lunch anymore and I am not starving right before lunch, either. I have a long way to go for my goals, but I am on my way.

Good luck in your journey, too! Maybe you can look up some exercises you can do at your desk - bring dumbells or resistance bands and take 10 minute breaks every three hours?

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (192,877)
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5/20/12 12:07 P

You just do! Everyone has 24 hours a day...use them better!

Get up & exercise first thing--as the start to your day! If that means starting at 5 be it! Better to do something healthy for yourself than try to fit in all the unhealthy "extras" into your day.

Streamline & simplify your life & not only will you be healthier, but you'll be happier too!

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
5/20/12 11:22 A

We have the same amount of time every day. When you say that you do not have time for it, what you are really saying is that it is not your priority. The question is when will it become a priority for you? I would urge you to remember that you will not be able to help all those indiviudals that you are helping if you become too unhealthy to do it. Make it a priority to maintain your health so you can continue to good for your family and community.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/19/12 10:02 P

Sounds like something has got to give. Could you reduce the time you spend mentoring? Could you job share the Sunday School teaching (week about, one month on, one month off)?
Could you ask someone else to step on with the choir direction, allowing you to take more of a passive role (maybe someone young and ready for a challenge from your church) where you over see but don't need to attend every single rehearsal?

Bottom line is that you need to make more time for you. Drop something and use that time to exercise and focus on yourself.

LYNCHD05 Posts: 10,436
5/19/12 5:41 P

You are way too busy it sounds. I agree with the others about putting "you" in your schedule. It is so important to look after your health now. In twenty years you may not have a second chance. Stress can create illness so it is up to us to look after ourselves first even if it is only 30 minutes a day.

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5/19/12 4:38 P

I finally had to resign myself to the realization that if I didn't get it done first thing in the morning upon awakening, it wouldn't get done.

I have never loved exercise like some do. I only like the feeling I have when I have "gotten it over with". I don't like sweating. I don't like waking up, showering, going to work, then getting sweaty and having to shower AGAIN in the same makeup, hair, etc. I also resent the time it takes away from my already short evening. There are only so many hours in the day, and once I am home from work, I want to remain home and relax, not jump around. Then there's the exhaustion piece: even if I get my 8 hours of zzz's, I NEVER seem to have the energy to do anything once I'm done with with work. I just want to go home and sleep. Sometimes I can ameliorate that by eating a low carb, higher protein lunch, but it remains even then that my energy levels in the late afternoons and evenings do not support me exerting myself physically.

So this year, I began setting my alarm for 5:20 am. I make it a priority to get to bed by 9:00 pm, and hopefully sleeping by 9:20 pm. When my alarm goes off, I feel groggy, but decent enough to get out of bed. By the time I've used the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and made my first cup of coffee, it's 5:30, and I'm ready to hit my stationary bike (or, now that it's lighter and warmer, I jog/walk outside). If I'm inside on my bike, I put the TV on very low volume to HGTV, and peddle while watching that channel's programming. Every other day, I incorporate upper body or core strength training (no lower body for now due to my back surgery).

I'm done by 6:00 am to 6:15 am most mornings, and ready to hit the shower for my ONE shower-hair-makeup session of the day. When I am headed home, I'm THRILLED to know that I'm already "DONE" working out for the day, and that I don't have to go anywhere or do anything. I have time to make a nice dinner, watch a favorite TV show, read, visit with my family, or run errands. It also takes me a good hour every evening to get my food prepared for the next day, sparked into the food tracker, and to tend to my before-bed beauty rituals .

On the weekends, I allow myself to sleep in, since I have the flexibility to work out mid morning, when I'm still feeling energetic and not bogged down at work. Those workouts include something different, like hiking, swimming, and/or yoga.

Once the "early morning" workouts got underway, it became habit, and also became easier when the cold, dark winter mornings lightened/warmed up in the spring

5/19/12 11:36 A

what has helped me me is making myself a priority. I have to remind myself (sometimes daily) that I deserve a decent workout. It's good for my physical and mental well- being. I find that when I'm good to myself, I'm better at my job and maintaining relationships.
good luck!

KAYFORR SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/12 7:44 A

by making it apart of your schedule. I document the big things that I have to do daily and prioritize. As a mom with 3 kids, I realize if it is even 30 mins, I can carve that out for myself and I do that and more. I have even taken to forming a walk group at work, we walk 2x per day on our breaks. during my lunch, I eat out doors and then stroll for a few mins. What I have done also is getting my family involved. my hubby pitch in so I can exercise. for example, I will start dinner, he will finish up or monitor, he will give the kids their bath or assist with homework until I am done. It worked better when I involved everyone. I also got the Kinect dance and sports games that incorporate everyone in the fun, they don't even realize they are exercising because of the fun.

REEDRACH SparkPoints: (1,058)
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5/19/12 7:15 A

as a mom with two active kids, there is something going on every day of the week. Then there are those impromptu request, can we do this? Can we go here? So honestly, I get your issue. But there is this saying, when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired things will change. I found myself and I still do, putting everyone first. I carried it like a badge of honor. But I was spending every moment focus on my weight. When I went to eat, weight issue had a seat at my table too. When I was sitting at church, weight issue was sitting right beside me. I was constantly battling my weight issue. Now, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Unfortunately, no one can fix this issue but me. So instead of me coming back home after I drop my kid off to catch that second nap before work, God and I are enjoying some nature time on a walking trail. Am I at my goal weight, no. But I can tell you that I'm at peace with myself. The constant mental battle about my weight is gone because I'm doing something about it. And right now, that means so much to me. Please forgive me if I'm coming across as I'm fussing because that is not my intention. But when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, I promise you, things will change. Because that change is going to happen within you.

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5/19/12 7:05 A

I know it is hard. 10 minutes at a time. Sometimes it is good if you can schedule like an appointment.

GOING-STRONG Posts: 6,988
5/18/12 9:55 P

I wondered that also when I was working full time.. how could Iget it all done? I realized that the time I was spending on the couch watching TV was a window of time I could use more productively. I bought a mini trampoline (rebounder) and jogged on it for 1/2 hour each evening while watching TV with the family. Eventually I added more jogging time at the office using 1/2 my lunch hour to jog on the rebounder and listen to books on tape. Yippee... that added up to an hour a day!

DELWANDA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/18/12 3:00 P

I started by walking around the parking lot during my breaks and lunch hour. I agree with what other people have said here--I notice a big difference in the way I feel when I exercise. I also don't crave unhealthy food as much when I exercise. The hardest part is getting started, but it's really worth the effort.

CAH-RD Posts: 1,055
5/18/12 2:57 P

I always say that you can't continue to help others if you're too physically unhealthy to do so. Maybe you need to cut something out for a while to get your exercise in? Surely you can't put yourself first all of the time, but taking 30 minutes to 1 hour most days will help you better yourself - in turn helping others even more.

5/18/12 12:18 P

You sound completely over-extended. All of the advice in the world about fitting exercise into your schedule isn't going to actually create more time in your schedule. It sounds like the things that you do with your time bring you a lot of joy, so it will likely be hard to decide who you have to say no to so that you can say yes to yourself - even if it's to clear out 30 minutes to an hour for yourself during the day.

Put yourself on your to-do list. It's really important.

5/18/12 11:57 A

I know what you mean. I am busy with school and work. I have recently started to wake up and hit the gym before work in the mornings. It was hard the first week, but by the end of the week I was feeling great! I have noticed that I don't feel tired or sluggish during the days anymore. I've just finished my 3rd week and I feel amazing, I have dropped 5 lbs and notice my body changing.
I used to go to the gym right after work, but I found myself skipping workouts easily.There was always dinners, homework, chores etc. By going in the mornings it's harder for me to skip it because I know that I don't have an excuse really not to go. Some mornings its hard for me to get up, I've tried to skip one day last week. I thought maybe I would just sleep in....but my body was wide awake and I couldn't fall back asleep. I was feeling guilty and I ended up at the gym anyways. LOL
I think you just need to find out what works best for you. During your breaks at work, take a walk or go up and down the stairs. All the little things add up. Don't give up, it's hard but just keep going! I know that everyone has their jobs and other responsibilities, but your health is a priority. Don't try to find the time to workout or eat healthy...make time to do it. Don't give you, you can do this!! emoticon

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
5/18/12 11:46 A

Wow, busy schedule! Is there any way you can get up just a little earlier in the morning? As a previous poster suggested, just a 10 minute walk each day will add up. Do you have a dog? I started getting up earlier and walking my dogs every day and now it's a habit. I also find that it helps me wake up and get ready to tackle my day.

MUMBLES40 SparkPoints: (47,109)
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5/18/12 11:45 A

I agree with the previous comments- you need to make time for yourself. If you are not healthy, how can you be a positive force in someone else's life? Many people depend on you for support, care, and healing so you need to take time to nourish yourself. This will help you help others even more.

Good luck on your journey- small steps add up to big changes!


RAWHIDE64 Posts: 2,127
5/18/12 11:39 A

I know this is tough, really tough, but you have to learn to say no. Set time aside time for yourself and don't over volunteer the time you have left.

Fitness Minutes: (4,085)
Posts: 24
5/17/12 5:26 P

I really like the Sparkpeople approach--10 minutes consistently is better than an hour that you can't maintain.
I have started to set my alarm just a tad earlier so that I have time for some yoga, first thing in the morning. If you can grab 10 minutes to do a little yoga in your pajamas, or any of the Sparkpeople 10 minute workouts, you've accomplished some exercise for the day! Also, once you have a few routines memorized, you can give yourself a little 5- or 10-minute exercise break anywhere.
It might be worth a try! Best wishes!

MUCKLESHOOT SparkPoints: (0)
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5/17/12 2:11 P

You could try to incorporate fitness into your everyday working life. Seeing as you run an inner healing group, why not get creative with the kind of support programs you offer? Maybe propose a support group that ties in a fitness component--like walking together (talking just naturally occurs in that type of setting)-- that promotes both emotional and physical health of women. Or, for your more one-on-one support/gushings, suggest meeting up at a park or somewhere and walk one-on-one. Besides, exercise helps clear the mind and increases positive outlooks :) You could also propose something similar as a church group.

You really need to make the time for yourself to exercise. Not only is it good for your body, it's good for your sanity to take a little time for yourself. Start small. 15-20 minutes of purposeful activity each day can make all the difference. I guarantee you can carve out 15 minutes of your day for yourself to exercise, and then it kind of just grows naturally. You'll be surprised how much more energy you'll have to take on your busy days once you start exercising!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,289)
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5/17/12 1:42 P

Check out this thread:

Being busy is no barrier to exercise, if you make it a priority!

LADYV2010 Posts: 77
5/17/12 1:30 P

You have to prioritize.

If you are really busy, then write it in the schedule. Put your health in the position in your life it deserves to be in. Say NO every once in a while to fit you in!

5/17/12 1:27 P

i'd love to exercise but my schedule is so busy that by time i get home, its time for bed. My schedule is full. I belong to the women's group of NE. We are a business that helps promote inner healing of hurting women because we all need to talk but don't know where to go. so, i am at workshops sometimes more than once a month. If someone calls and needs to be poured into, then I become available. I am also a mentor at one of our local high schools. We are mentoring the children how to become business enterpenuers. between this I work full time and go to church as well. I am heavily involved in ministry. As a sunday school teacher i have to study, sometimes i do that between running or traveling on sunday morning. I also am a youth choir director and besides my own rehersal on sat the kids have to rehearse as well. in between all of this, i have to go grocery shopping, wash laundry, and various other things. Most of the time, i don't see my house until night fall and i'm not quite sure where exercise will fit into my schedule. any suggestions?

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