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3/17/14 6:24 P

thanks for your help

I found "aerobic walking" on the drop down list and then it all fell into place putting the minutes in under that

as you say easy when you know how

an added bonus is that I learned that I burned 400 and something calories - good to know!

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3/17/14 6:05 P

You will need to track these as two seperate entries. Walking, and running.

If you search walking (in the search box), it will ask you to select the speed. Enter the number of minutes, and it will work out the calories burned.

Same with running.

So if you walk/ran for 30 minutes, with 2 minute intervals of running, and 3 minutes intervals of walking, then you ran for 12 minutes, and walked for 18. A typical walking pace is around 3.5 mph, or 17 minutes/mile. So you covered about 1 mile walking - if you covered 2 miles total in your walk/run, this means you must have run about 1 mile in those 12 minutes, so select a running speed of 12 min/mile.

When you enter them, it will automatically total up the minutes (and calories).

(All this sounds complex, but once you know how it works, it is pretty straightforward.


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3/17/14 5:34 P

I'm trying to track mt exercise but I'm clicking on the TRACK FITNESS button on the main page but it takes me to a page that seems to be a search page

the box that is underneath TRACK YOUR FITNESS asks for a search

Is this where you type your exercise? I'm typing in WALK/JOG but a drop down list appears and seems to want me to pick something I didn't do

under this is a box with MY EXERCISES but it doesn't allow me to type in minutes in DAILY TOTALS

I'm wanting to keep a daily record of the exercise I'm doing as a motivational thing

Am I on the wrong page altogether??

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