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Depending on how much upper body strength you have, you could start with wall push ups. Wall pushups can be very effective if done properly. Also, when someone comes to me and tells me they can't do a push ups, I teach them how to do a push up on a bench. Military style pushups do require a lot of upper body strength. Try modifying them by doing them on a bench. Being at an angle takes stress off your upper body and helps to provide some support.
So, if you can't do them on the floor, try doing wall push ups or push ups on a bench.

I also second doing plank on a regular basis. a push up is nothing more than a plank in motion. And well, three words will help you to do push ups.

practice practice practice.

Start with one push up. With time and regular practice, your upper body strenght will increase.

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The thing with pushups is that the more you do them, the better you get at them. So even if you challenge yourself to add one extra push ever strength training session, you'll get better and build upper body strength over time.

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1/10/14 10:47 A You could do this program with wall or knee pushups if needed.

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The Spark article You Can Do Perfect Pushups details how to train progressively towards being able to do pushups.

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You could try Pilates. That would give you fantastic all-over body strength.

You may not like push-ups, but there are various forms of them. An easy yet very effective one is to do them using a wall instead of the floor. When I was going through rehab after a bad accident causing fractures, that was one of the exercises prescribed when I was able to put pressure on my arms and shoulders. I found it really good. I would walk past a spot I could do it and do 2-3 push-ups then carry on my way. A few times a day helps heaps.


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bench press, military press, straight arm plank...but seriously pushups are going to give the the most bang for your buck. Start with wall pushups if you need to.

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I hate pushups because I have not built up enough strength in my arms.Is there any other things I can do to build up more strength in my upper arms?

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