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DREMA101 Posts: 13
7/3/11 1:22 A

It has been my experience when a recipe calls for a cup of rice it is usually cooked, because rice in itself needs 15 minutes to cook. It really depends on the recipe too; this is where cooking skills are used. Look at the recipe and determine the temperature and amount of time the dish will cook. For instance if a recipe calls for a cup of rice and the recipe only cooks for 10 minutes, than more than likely you will use cooked rice (remember rice takes 15 minute to cook), if the recipe takes long enough to cook the rice with something else (over 15 in the oven/burner) than its more than likely calling for uncooked rice. Now one big thing...not all recipes are kitchen tested meaning not all recipes are not right and some recipes can have typos, wrong measurements, or left out/misleading instructions. Just move on to another recipe or adjust the recipe based on what works best. But also a rule of thumb, if you don’t know -add cooked ingredients. I hope this helps.

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SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
6/29/11 9:25 A

Always a cup cooked !

KJOHNSON1977 Posts: 15
6/28/11 6:18 P

I have the same problem sometimes but usually it is the uncooked measurement.

6/28/11 5:59 P

Hi, I have a question, when I'm going to add some food, like rice, or lentils, how can I understand a cup? a cup of rice cooked or a cup of rice raw, because this kind of food makes bigger when we cooked it.

Thanks for your help

(Sorry for my english, I speak spanish)

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