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Unless you control the cooking and the shopping you can't get them to eat better. They have to want to eat better. Nagging will only make it worse. You can suggest you'd like to eat better, but, at the end of the day, if you're not the one prearing and buying the food, they'll continue to eat what they like. I'd suggest focusing on yourself first, and maybe if they see you making positve changes, they'll follow suit. That will mean shopping and cooking for yourself, though, most likely.

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im have a hard time to get my 18 yr old Daughter to eat veggies then i cant eat alot what is made due to health problems so im all ready on a diet and im trying to do get my daughter to work out with me but she says she is lazy my husband says he will pay healthy but he does not do that i cant believe im having a hard time and i have been gaining weight becuz i eat at not and i just dont know anymore my stepson does the cook i think the best thing i can do is just shop for me. please help

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