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1/6/14 8:38 P

thanks for this

1/6/14 8:02 P

If you are looking for more fruit ideas, check out this Super Foods list:

check out this site for ways (recipes, tips, meal plans) to increase intake:

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1/6/14 6:19 P

great idea!!!

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1/6/14 6:05 P

You can make smoothies the night before.

Have you thought about making a fruit salad with the fruits that you DO like? I squeeze of lemon juice will help to prevent things like banana going brown. A little bit of yoghurt over the fruit salad lifts it to another level.

There is a huge variety of fruit - you just need to experiment. Buy one of a few different ones and see what you like. That will give you more variety.

Have you thought about those little pots of stewed fruits? There are many types to choose from and are almost as good. Just don't go for the ones laden in added sugar, but rather try for ones preserved in their own juice.


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1/6/14 6:03 P

There are hundreds of other fruits that can be eaten and none of them *require* pureeing.

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1/6/14 5:57 P

I don't like fruit juce, I have a hard time eating apples, I like strawberries, I leave to early for work to make smoothies , the blender is to loud... help!!!! but I love sasa

a singing person is a happy person... edna mckenna
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