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8/4/11 10:07 P

Today, we went house shopping. Found one we are really interested in. I'm Pooped!!!!!!

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8/2/11 10:17 P

Went down by the lake, sat and watched the sailboats, and had a cool breeze to my back.

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8/1/11 6:35 P

hotter than blazes up in Michigan!

DWROBERGE Posts: 268,353
7/31/11 11:58 P

Happily using my new HP touch screen computer

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7/31/11 9:50 P

Heh partyanimal2, I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. I feel the time with Sparks has improved
my disposition, attitude, exercising and of course my healthy eating. I don't cheat on my nutri
tion. I track my exercise and above all I like to SPARK with the many friends I have made on
line. I was needing positive feedback in my life and I sure found it here. I'm so glad I decided to join. I have some neat pictures on my sparkspage if you want to check it out. Take care!!

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7/30/11 10:47 A

hi there how is everyone ?
lets me know how u are feeling how u are getting on what u have been up to etc like to here about peoples progress and also if i can help with anything that's even better :)
chat soon x

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