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LISHWA Posts: 900
4/15/12 2:59 P

I track my pizza as homemade because it basically is made from scratch save for the cheese and pepperonis which are different brands from chain stores. (I know the owner, which is how I know this)

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4/15/12 1:21 P

Nobody can answer this for you as every pizza place is different. Last night I had a Neapolitan-style thin crust pizza with grilled vegetables and buffalo mozzarella. The very fact that it came from a "hometown" restaurant rather than a chain does not mean it would be in any way similar to what you ate at your "hometown" restaurant. I agree with the person who posted earlier that your best guess is to compare it to something similar at a chain restaurant.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,246
4/15/12 10:28 A

compare it to a chain and go by that info. in other words, is it thin crust, pan, deep dish, regular? is it chewy like mellow mushroom? is it that solid fat fluffy like pizza hut? is it dense like papa john's? is it more like domino's? sbarro? little ceasar's? pick the one that is closest.
then adjust according to size.

MKAT1011 Posts: 61
4/15/12 9:42 A

Does anyone know what the approximate calories are for a plain slice of pizza at a hometown restaurant (not a chain pizza place)?

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