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10/26/10 9:09 P

Home made food will always be better than restaurant food - you can control what goes into it..

Specifically for hamburgers is all about the quality of the meat! If its from a restaurant (in 99% of cases) or from fast food outlet it will be factory raised meat (antibiotics, hormones, caged, fed biologically inappropriate foods). The same will probably be true for store bought meat unless its organic or unless you get the meat from a local farm and you know the source...

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10/26/10 4:51 P

APIRLRAIN888 don't apologize for being ignorant. You weren't being ignorant, you just needed more information. We all do it and SP is a great place to ask and get the questions answered.

10/26/10 4:47 P

You definately have more control with the food products and preparation when you make these items at home. BUT remember, all foods can fit---comes down to portion size and how often you include them in your diet.
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10/26/10 3:50 P

Homemade will always be better than fast food.

With a homemade burger, you can use a leaner ground beef, fresh veggies, real cheese, and maybe even a homemade bun. With homemade fries, I love tossing them in a bit of olive oil, sprinkling with salt, and then roasting.

By making homemade, you cut out a lot of calories and more importantly, in my opinion, all of those gross fillers that only provide empty calories and decrease the quality of the product.

I can make a burger twice as big, with more toppings, and more fries for the same caloric and less fat intake than a smaller burger and deep fried fries from a fast food joint. Homemade is just more efficient for me (and it tastes better 99% of the time).

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
10/26/10 12:47 P

I imagine that homemade would be better than the fast food version.

And you can bake your fries in the oven, so that removes a lot of fat.

APIRLRAIN888 Posts: 3,209
10/26/10 12:24 P

thank you! b/c i thought burger was meat!
what a wealth of info!!!

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10/26/10 12:18 P

I think anything you make at home is better because you control what goes into it. The fat content of the hamburger I use is the lowest out there. I had a burger for lunch bun. I've been trying to work one in at lunch once a week and I'm losing weight.

10/26/10 12:16 P

Home made burgers taste so much better than the fast food variety, and you can control what goes in.

I made a cheeseburger at home just last night with 1/4 pound of beef. Mine came in at 357 calories, while a McDonald's quater pound with cheese burger comes in at 535 calories and twice the amount of fat mine did.

I ate dinner late in the evening, and I'm still not quite hungry at 11 the next morning, it was that satisfying.

While you're trying to lose weight, just skip the fries, they really are not worth the calories as they are empty calories.

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10/26/10 12:08 P

I have always added oatmeal to my hamburgers, it was to stretch it for a 6 person family, but I still do it, adds a little extra nutrition to it. I use it in meatloaf too.

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10/26/10 12:06 P

I say everything in moderation. My take on fast food versus homemade is this:

French fries- Potato fried in oil...makes it like a potato chip and should be only eaten in moderation if you MUST eat them. I make oven fries using very little olive oil and seasoning.

Burgers- Usually made with fattier meat at the fast food place. If made at home with lean beef and GRILLED, they are WAY better than at the restaurant. I only eat burgers I make because I can control the type of meat used.

APIRLRAIN888 Posts: 3,209
10/26/10 12:00 P

Is fast food bad? Or Burger bad?
Is fries bad? Or fast food fried? Homemade fries?
Fries =Potato?

Is different? What's different?

Sorry for ignotant

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