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1/17/14 11:39 A

Thanks! Yes, my pain there was before I started walking, and in fact the movement sometimes actually eases the pain. It seems the worst when I first stand up from the chair.

I do admit that the shoes that I have been wearing, while good walking shoes, have way too many days and miles on them. I will retire them for a new pair.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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1/17/14 11:31 A

The previous poster has given you some great advice. If it's pain and not just tightness, especially if you've never had it checked out, it would be good to talk to your doctor just to be safe.

Coach Jen

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1/17/14 11:28 A


Did you feel any pain prior to starting your walking routine ? If your pain seems to coincide with walking one thing I would suggest is checking your shoes. What kind of shoes do you wear when you're walking ? Don't wear any old shoe. When you walk or run, your feet require good support. So, if you're wearing old shoes that don't have support, some of your pain could be a result of the shoes you're wearing. In which case, I would suggest being fitted for a proper pair of walking shoes by a reputable sports store.

Could SP suggest a stretch ? yes and no. The problem is that some stretches might make the pain worse.

One thing I would suggest is giving your doctor a quick call. If this problem has been occuring for 4+ weeks, something else may be going on. It doesn't hurt to get a professional opinion.
You don't want an intermittent pain to become chronic.

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1/17/14 6:45 A

Good morning! I have been walking again for about a month now, but I occasionally get some pain in the interior part of my hip. When I walk, it usually eases, but I want to be sure that I don't aggravate a problem when I walk briskly.

Is there a stretch or something that you can suggest that might help?


also wanted to mention that I usually have pain when getting up from sitting, not when I exercise...

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