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8/13/14 8:42 A

Losing weight for most people will improve your cholesterol numbers.

High cholesterol is only one risk factor for chronic disease.

According to the World Health Report 2010, the major risk factors for chronic disease include:

* tobacco use
* the harmful use of alcohol
* raised blood pressure (or hypertension)
* physical inactivity
* raised cholesterol
* overweight/obesity
* unhealthy diet
* raised blood glucose

Low fat foods tend to be higher in sugars which is bad for another risk factor, raised blood sugar, so read labels for sure.

A question I like to ask myself is, how many of those risk factors do I have and how can I fix/improve those risk factors?

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8/13/14 7:47 A

Hiya to the OP:

I never (well, not recently) had cholesterol measurements above normal, but I can tell you that when I cut out almost all junk food, started exercising, and lost the first 25 pounds or so, my numbers absolutely plummeted. I didn't otherwise change the way I eat, which is not particularly low fat but has been extremely low on animal protein/fats both before and after the big cholesterol nose-dive. I can't say that I'm typical, of course; I may not be.

Will your doctor give you a prescription to a dietician? If you can swing it, that might give you assistance in setting up a way of eating for you that is significantly healthier than before (and will help you lose weight) without changing so much it makes you want to tear your hair out.

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8/13/14 6:29 A

Why are you trying to lower your fat intake?

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8/12/14 8:14 P

That is a perfect calorie range.

Do you see meals and snacks listed.

If not, scroll down the page until you see "Tools and Setting"

Now you will get a different meal and snack plan daily. This will give you some ideas of foods that will help to lower cholesterol and improve heart health.


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8/12/14 7:38 P

1200-1550 was my range

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8/12/14 5:16 P

Don't wipe out 'fat' per se. There are very healthy fats in avocado, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts etc. They also make excellent snacks in small portions.

A mainly have a piece of apple (not the whole fruit) or pear for a snack, or some other fruit. I also have low fat quality yoghurt.


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8/12/14 5:16 P

When you set up your program with Sparkpeople you received a calorie range for your weight loss goal. Can you share this range?

When you set up your program, you also have access to daily meal and snack plans. Have you found this tool? Click above on MY TRACKERS, MY NUTRITION. If the meals and snack ideas are not showing, I can tell you how to "turn them on". Just let me know.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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8/12/14 3:46 P

Really simple: a container in the fridge with your favorite chopped fresh fruit.

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8/12/14 3:25 P

Hi I just got blood work back that says my cholesterol is high and I have set up a profile to monitor all that plus I need to loose weight in the process. Can anyone help me with some low fat snacks and lunches that are simple? emoticon

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