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10/30/13 2:26 P

1. Calm down!
2. Stop doing cleanses and taking laxatives unless prescribed. These can harm you and they can complicate the issues that you are dealing with.
3. See your doctor. High blood pressure is very common and treatable. You may need to change to a different BCP (there are many different options) or to go on BP medications.

Good luck!

P.S. The top number is called systolic and the bottom number is called diastolic.

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10/29/13 10:35 P

"What do I do now?" .......

............Go to your Dr!


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10/29/13 9:19 P


I'm glad you mentioned that you are going to the doctor. Please note that because medical conditions may be complicated, it wouldn't be appropriate for a SparkPeople member or expert to give advice on this type of medical questions. You will want to consult your physician for further advice regarding your particular medical situation.

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10/29/13 8:23 P

Before we get started with me trying to explain this I DO plan on going to the doctor.I am a 28 year old female who have been obese since middle school. I've been morbidly obese since high school. I am 5'7 and it wasn't until this Spring when I found out that I was 287 pounds; that I decided to lose the weight. I know a safe weight for me would be 145 to 150 pounds. This is what I'm wanting but, I know it may take years to get to this. So since last spring my weight I lost since three months ago was 260. Sadly I had gained 10 pounds back.... reason being; I am going through a break up with my bf of 7 years. It has consumed me and I started to think I didn't want to live. I did make an effort to ignore and forget the situation... but, yet, I went back to eating UNhealthy food, more so then I ever have. I was 270 as of a week ago. This was the time I found out I had high blood pressure from the health department. I had needed my birth control pills because, if I don't have them then I will not start and stop my period on time. This is a problem I have had since I was 14 years old and I have been on the pills ever since..

Well Since a week ago I've lost two pounds. And where I wasn't able to get my pills I've not been on those. But, I was told high bp was a side effect. The day I had went to the health department I was told the bottom number was 100. I didn't even know that I had nigh BP.

Well, I came back home and I've been monitoring 4 times a day ever since.. the bottom number has always been 97 to 111 or maybe a couple numbers higher which IS dangerous and it is known as hypertension. It can cause heart failure, strokes and kidney failure. So, before I get that lecture I already know that. I've never had this before my bp has always been perfect. - So it wasn't until this evening that I took my bp. it was like 124/87...But, my plus has been up.... It is like 78 and accord to the blood pressure wrist thing it was 98. I got the 78 plus the old fashioned way with two fingers and counting how many times I feel the plus within 15 seconds then you times it.

Well okay... I've been watching what I eat with in the past week. I've done a whole body cleanse, I took something to help me use the bathroom for number 2. I haven't had a lot of Sodium, I've ate apples, oats (with fake sugar) and 2% milk. Then low sodium cheeses. I have been eating ground white meat chicken, baked in the over with a small brush of EVOO and crushed garlic then I melt the low sodium cheese over it... it is good. And I've been eating bananas. So yeah... I've not drunk any soda at all, NOT even the diet. It's been strictly water.

So with my bp trying to go back to normal... why is my plus up? Do I have high bp if it is lowering itself on it's own? Or could I have a kidney infection?

I've not had any pain except shortness of breath. I don't have sugar because, my mother has been monitoring it ever day. It stays 78-93 depending what I eat. I think that is good because there are people in my family whos number goes up to like 200-140 THATS NOT ME just my dad's, and sister in law's does.

So what do you think? I also have a secretion on my panties, I guess it is infection where I pee.

So what do I do now? Oh yeah... I've lost 2 or 3 pounds since last week. I plan on losing all the weight I need to. But, I see no point in rushing it. Because if I lose like 5 pounds a week then I will gain it back really fast. I'll be happy if I can get to 160 pounds lol

If you do believe in God, please pray for my health, This seems to be working.

I haven't went to a doctor yet, I figured it was something other then my heart causing this. I may go to the doctor with in the week if I can't get myself fully normal. I've been under constant stress I've been thinking insane thoughts and I've been crying hysterically for many months now, every day. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. but, I don't know. Anything food wise that can help with a infection in the body? I heard cranberry juice works.

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