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2/18/14 1:14 P

My husband and I have a deal. He has to store his cookies and such in the garage where I can't see them. LOL

MRS-SEAN Posts: 2
2/17/14 12:35 P

Thank u I will try that. Ive been trying to lose weight most of my life.all of my favorite foods and what my future husband brings home is not very healthy. Ive got a long way to go thanks

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2/16/14 9:24 P

Are you tracking everything in the tracker? That's the place to start. Most people will start to make different/better choices when they do that. And, sometimes it really is a matter of setting one small goal at a time. Pick one healthy choice you want to make and work on just that (cooking instead of fast food, not snacking after a certain time at night, not eating a certain food . . . ). Sometimes people find it easier to replace bad habits instead of trying to tell themselves no. For instance replace your worst bad food habit with a good one (swap chips/crackers for cut up raw veggies).

If you truly can't control your eating at all, there are probably some other emotional/psychological issues you need to get to the bottom of - if that's the case, can you get some counseling to explore that?

MRS-SEAN Posts: 2
2/16/14 8:12 P

Hi everyone . Like most brides I want to look my best on my big day. But I have 1 huge problem. I cant stop eating. I love doing my workouts but its always wrecked by how much I eat. I eat when im stressed board everything. Does anyone have any suggestions on overcoming food addictions. Im getting desprate.

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