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4/7/13 11:16 P

emoticon Welcome to Spark; great to have you hear and I know that all the tools hear will be a help in your journey to lose those pounds

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4/7/13 10:44 P

Welcome to SPARK! Wishing you lots of luck on your journey!!!!!

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4/7/13 9:42 P

emoticon It posted twice! Sorry. emoticon

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Jaynee-Pacific Time Goal reached with 130# loss, 138# total loss

Exercise, eat, track, repeat!!

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4/7/13 9:37 P

emoticon Kathrynn!

It is fair to say that 90% of all of us here struggle with overeating. The question is, do you want to lose the fat badly enough to do what it takes to lose it? If so, Sparkpeople has the tools and the people to support you in your journey to fitness. You need to be willing to do what it takes, though. That means making different choices.

At first you will need to actually measure your servings, because it is amazing how our brains trick us into thinking we know what a serving is! Have you ever REALLY measured out a tablespoon of peanut butter or a 2/3c serving of cereal?

Next track EVERYTHING! Every bite, every taste, every nibble gets written down. You can eat a meal's worth of calories in 'tastes' while cooking. As a rule of thumb, count every bite as 25 calories. OUCH!

It is good to see that you already started your Sparkpage! It allows us to give you personal encouragement and to celebrate your successes! emoticon

Jaynee-Pacific Time Goal reached with 130# loss, 138# total loss

Exercise, eat, track, repeat!!

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4/7/13 9:28 P

Welcome aboard Kathrynn!


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4/7/13 8:04 P

Online Now  • ))
Hi Kathrynn,
Welcome to SP!
You will find lots of support here. Members are really helpful.
I do recommend you join a few Spark Teams that interest you. It's a great way to stay accountable and motivated. Plus, it's a good way to meet other members with similar interests.

Best of luck to you!

Northern Ky.

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4/7/13 7:07 P

hi I am kathrynn, I've gained over a hundred pounds in the last year and half. I decided to use this site because I am sick of hiding and feeling this way when I used to be so happy with the way I looked. Also, I want to get fit to get married in the next couple of years and start a family. Looking for anyone who wants to partners in this adventure!

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