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BCOOP411 Posts: 71
9/29/08 9:35 A

I agree with Jenine, I think that the earlier you have this conversation the better. Also, make sure to ask (if they have a problem) what exactly it is. Sometimes you can work around issues and make compromises if you can really get a feel for what they want.

JHANCOCK80 Posts: 20
9/27/08 1:26 P

I think religion is a tricky thing when it comes to weddings. Don't delay this discussion with them.
You might even consider compromising, and having some traditional elements, skippings any religious reference. Have your handfasting combined into part of the ceremony. I don't know if you've heard of If you haven't yet,
Sign up! They have lots of ideas on how to smooth this over, even an advice message board for topics like yours. Good luck with your folks.

9/27/08 12:49 P

my name is amanda im marring hopefully to a great guy his name is gary and we have 2 boys together 1 is 1yr old gabriel michael and the other is newly born damien kaleb i just have some time to go to lose weight that i need to cause were getting married in october of 2009 i cant watie its going to be a wicca wedding or a handfasting for those who know the old ways i just have one question what do i do if my parent wont go to the wedding beacuse of them being christan: i have nothing wronge with them being christan: but i think it is unfair that they wont come to there first born daughter's wedding beacuse of my religion

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