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6/23/10 1:41 P

I actually *JUST* posted a recipe yesterday for tilapia that I think tastes excellent, plus it's Dude Approved. It involves oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano and garlic powder for seasonings that caramelize perfectly on the fish when cooking it in a skillet. It's delish AND quick...on the table in 15 minutes flat! Check it out and let me know if you like it: Easy 15 Minute Tilapia

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6/22/10 7:16 A

Lemon and dill
Lemon and coriander
chili and ginger

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6/21/10 9:29 P

Since Tilapia is so mild, it can take on any flavor you like. So, if you like Mexican food, add pico de gallo and put it in foil to bake. Or add some black beans on the pico. I tend to love Mexican food, so I also use the Pampered Chef Mexican seasoning.

I love the lemon and dill suggestions too. Whatever you are in the mood for, try that seasoning. Italian seasoning, cajun, etc are all great!

6/21/10 12:20 P

I normally use Lemon Pepper and Dried Cilantro. Comes out Delish!!

6/18/10 11:45 A

Keep in mind your cooking fish.....If you sprinkle lemon on it your home won't smell like fish and your fish will not have a fishy flavor unless of course you like that.....I say to experiment with pieces of your fish....cut it up into 3 sections and make sure to write down your preparing each one and afterwards try each of them and you be the judge. No-one knows what you like other than you.

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6/13/10 9:25 A

Thank you, that bronzed tilapia sounds really good, and the fish stew does not sound too bad either. I will try the bronzed tilapia for sure.
Thanks again,

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6/12/10 6:31 P

I really liked this mix I found on RecipeZaar:

Bronzed Tilapia<

I tend to use tilapia in soups and stews.

If you like, I can share a recipe for, well, it's called Shrimp and Feta Stew but I use tilapia and cheddar.

I also like Puerto Rican Fish Stew:

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6/11/10 12:55 P

I do not like fish, but since it is a healthy choice, I decided to try tilapia...what kinds of herbs should I use on it? I am not a big fan of garlic, but what about rosemary, thyme, basil,? Any suggestions?

"Create in me a pure heart,O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me..."
--Psalm 51:10--
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