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1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
9/17/12 3:15 P

How about subbing flax seed meal for the eggs (not sure right now about the measurements, but it is on the Bobs Red Mill flax seed bag)
applesauce in stead of oil (this will make crispie cookies, not chewy)
mini choc chips and half the amount
I think this would reduce the caloies quite a bit.

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9/4/12 11:31 P

one box angel food cake mix plus one big can of crushed pinapple ..Just those two ingredients bake at 350 til done..So good , I think you could make cookies out of these..

AURORA629 Posts: 2,393
9/3/12 8:26 A

I tend to follow classic cookie recipes with some modifications.

* White whole wheat flour instead of all purpose
* 50/50 blend fat free cream cheese and light butter instead of butter or margine
* all egg whites, no yolks

Try these ideas with an oat meal or peanut butter cookie recipe. Maybe add some nuts or chocolate chips too.

BLOND1E Posts: 3,010
8/30/12 9:53 P

I dont have any good homemade recipes, but choclate wafer cookies are one of my go to cookies.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
8/27/12 8:41 P

Make angel food cupcakes !
Buy a box mix of angel food cake but make cupcakes instead.
After they are baked and cooled, add a dollop of fat free cool whip and a few slices of strawberries.

TINKFIT Posts: 41
8/24/12 12:28 P

So I need to make cookies for an event and I was hoping someone would have a recipe for some healthy ish options?

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