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1/8/14 12:18 A

My 16 year old grandson lives with us (I work fulltime and I am 61) so I find fun things to do with him. Usually just once a week, but we snowshoe, roller skate, walk the ocean or mountains. It is the best exercise I get and it doesn't feel like I am exercising.

DHUYLER Posts: 14
1/7/14 10:09 P

Thanks for the replies. I will look into that Shaun T workout. I enjoy working out to his DVDS.

I think the reason is i am tired,so much responsibility then on my time "off' i dont want to exercise.I would rather do some thing else. I have to work on this. only way is to get more activity.

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1/7/14 3:37 P

I think part of the battle is figuring out what you don't like about working out. Is it the time commitment? Is it the sweating? Is it what you are doing?

For me it's the sweating. I just don't like to sweat, it's just me. So I find exercise I can do that doesn't cause me to need a shower after my workout. Sometimes that is weight training but usually that is walking.

I also found that I can walk on my treadmill while I am watching TV or reading a book which for me is good because I am doing two things at once and it doesn't seem like such a waste of time.

Working out also has to be convenient which means I need to be able to do it anywhere and just about anytime. Again, walking is something I can do on my lunch hour, on the treadmill, in the neighborhood, even in my office building.

Working out is not my favorite activity either, I just had to find something I liked to do or at least dislike the least and just commit to doing it.

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1/7/14 2:19 P


Have you ever tired Focus T25 (Shaun T workout). I seriously LOVE it. I dislike working out also, I honestly don't have time for it. I work 40-50 hours a week then have to come home and run a household. But these are 25 mins long with a 3 min cooldown. I am not going to lie they are difficult, but I have lost like 8 inches total and am really starting to love what my body is looking like. I would suggest these workouts!!! I even got my chubby hubby, to workout with me!!!! Message me if you want to see my before and after photos or if you have any questions.

I started a motivation board because it is really hard to crave time out of my day and find the motivation to workout. It was one of my resolutions this year. To be a happier, healthier me. That means taking time out to make sure that I am a good example to my daughter by being a healthy female.

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1/7/14 1:53 P

HI Everyone,

was wondering if anyone had any ideas, I have a few videos i am planning to use. I have used them a few times already. One is walking away the pounds (to music) the other is Shaun T's Rockin Bodies. I do like them but as a whole I do not like exercising. I end up stopping after a few days.

I am a single mom of 4, two are done (over 18 out of house) the other 2 are 11 and 13. I work out of the house full time and also go to school. School is out for a few weeks and thought I could get going on this and be used to it by the time classes started back up so I would continue during school but already getting tired of it.

how do you stay motivated to keep exercising, with everything else going on?


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