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11/18/13 2:19 P

I am wondering if you mistyped that you stretch first and last.
You should warm up first and stretching should be the last thing you do.

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11/18/13 11:05 A

Welcome to Sparkpeople. There are lots of resources on this site to answer your questions. Here's a link to the exercise videos:>

There are also plenty of articles on how often to exercise and what to do. Take some time to explore the site.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
11/18/13 10:28 A

Have you spent some time reading the articles and videos on Sparkpeople? That's a great place to start.

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11/18/13 10:17 A

There is so much conflicting information on the internet,but usually you are supposed to rest whatever body part you worked out for 48 hours in order to give the muscles time to repair. I would think it would be okay to do the abs and the band work on either the same day or alternate days because you are working different muscle groups.
As far as specific routines go, if you google "resistance band workouts" or whatever you should find a lot of options.

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11/18/13 9:24 A

im 49 yrs old i need help my workout consists of stretching, abs, resistant band workout and finish with stretching should i do abs on one day and the band workout on another day i dont want to over do it im very inexperienced can some one give me a simple weekly or monthly workout guide

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