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2/28/12 10:18 P

The points stickers do not come on the DVD's that are ordered through - they are only on the DVD's that are purchased in store. I will go ahead and credit your accounts with that though since you did purchase it from Target.

Coach Denise

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2/28/12 9:16 P

Hi Denise : )
I recieved it in the mail and opened the package and there was no sticker at all on the back? I looked inside and nothing : ( Do you have any idea what else I can to to redeem the points?
I would like to thank you for you time,
Teri : )

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 31,689
2/28/12 9:27 A

If you purchased in a Target store, there should be a sticker on the backside of the dvd on the plastic wrap. Did you check the plastic wrap for that?

Coach Denise

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2/27/12 9:56 P

HI I am new to spark and still finding my way around. I just purchased 28 day boot camp online from target. I can not find the spark points on the back? How do I find the right numbers or code, I can not find them anywhere on the dvd package
Thank you for your time

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