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5/5/13 5:20 A

Thank you Kris! :)

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5/5/13 5:09 A

My little grandson has severe allergies to eggs, nuts and all dairy. To make up the protein his Mum gives him lentils, chickpeas, fish, lean red meat, chicken and Soy Milk or protein fortified Rice Milk.


BEEJAY49 Posts: 33,135
5/5/13 4:55 A

Thank you all very much! :) Hugs!

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5/5/13 1:49 A

KAB7801, it really is helpful to read the actual opening post.

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5/5/13 1:48 A

Good to eat 2 a week?

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5/5/13 1:21 A

Many foods are good for protein. If you mean specifically at breakfast, there are several whole-grain cereals you can try. Dairy, whole grains, beans, nuts, whole wheat pastas, and more all have good protein contents.

Here's a spark article you may find very helpful:

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5/4/13 6:01 P

Cottage Cheese and Yogurt are high in protein.

BEEJAY49 Posts: 33,135
5/4/13 4:40 P

I have a VERY HIGH sensitivity to eggs. What can I eat in place of them that would give me the same nutrition and help that eggs would give? Thank you!

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