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12/2/11 11:20 A

I do p90x which is an all over exercise routine but the Yoga dvd that comes with it is by far the best yoga I've ever done on a disc or a class. I can now bend like a pretzel and have balance and strength! It's tough but really gets the job done! I can now do the crane for 30 seconds! LOL

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12/2/11 8:48 A

It depends on your level. Rodney Yee's Power Yoga is great. I also enjoyed Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior, although it's al ittle more "workout-y" and less yoga-y.

10 minutes solutions has a good basic yoga DVD as well. I'd start with some Rodney Yee, I think. I'm sure he has some basic yoga DVDs so you're not jumping straight into more advanced stuff if you're a beginniner.

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12/2/11 8:22 A

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12/2/11 8:10 A

(tip: I found that by typing "yoga dvd" into the search tool at the top of the screen. That link was the first one that came up. There were other links offered, so you might want to do a search too and give them a look-see).

Also, Collage Video (google it) is a great place to preview dvds (and buy).

12/2/11 5:25 A

Trying one more time anyone have any good yoga dvds they can recommend

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