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help in need of advice to lose weight

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SparkPoints: (2,364)
Fitness Minutes: (1,254)
Posts: 18
6/20/13 11:38 A

Thank you for your advice, I am tracking ever thing and I will continue to do so I have nothing to lose but weight. emoticon
Thank you again

Posts: 4,437
6/20/13 11:27 A

There could be a lot of reasons, so let's explore some of them.

1) You may have lost a large amount quickly and your body needs to adjust.

2) Most commonly, we get sloppy. Start measuring your portions and recording them immediately. If we wait, our memory gets 'loose' and is not as accurate. If you have a smartphone, download the app so that you can record anywhere. If you don't keep a small tablet or paper close to immediately write down your food. When I eat out, which is FREQUENT, I always record before it touches my lips.

3) Have you increased your exercise greatly? Muscle is more dense than fat, so you might be losing inches while your weight remains the same.

Use other measurements of success for a couple of weeks. Measure inches (I don't. It is something that I don't feel is accurate for me). Called NSVs (Non Scale Victories) you can use clothes to determine weight loss. How do they feel? Are they looser, more comfortable? Can you fit into a smaller size? Are people commenting on your weight loss? How do you feel personally? Are you feeling more energetic? Healthier?

I just stayed the same (plateaus are also known as 'practice maintenance) for 1 month, then lost 8# in one week! The fact of the game is, if you are loyal and persistent, the weight WILL come off. It has too! Keep pushing and success will be yours!

You can do this. Just emoticon

SparkPoints: (20,173)
Fitness Minutes: (6,240)
Posts: 234
6/20/13 11:24 A

Hello, and welcome to SparkPeople!

Have you tried changing up your exercise routine? When we do the same exercises for give or take 6 weeks, our bodies get used to them and no longer have to work as hard, or burn as many calories, to do them. This is why most experts recommend switching up your routine every 6 weeks or so.

SparkPoints: (2,364)
Fitness Minutes: (1,254)
Posts: 18
6/20/13 10:56 A

Hi I have been using sparkpeople for 5 weeks now and eating healthier but I seem to have came to a stop on my weight lose. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. If any one has any advice to give me on how to continue this long, hard journey please help. I sign in every day almost at same time twice a day. Thank you, slimmerme44 emoticon

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