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1/14/13 7:45 P

There are the daily reports that typically tell you what proportion you should aim for - I believe it's generally recommended that 50% of calories should be carbs, 20% protein, and 30% fat. Maybe try eating more beans to be able to get more protein in.

1/14/13 7:39 P

On days when I eat mostly fruit and vegetables, I'm usually on the low end of the calorie range Spark People sets for me. I always make sure to get what's in my range though. I don't eat meat or drink cow's milk, but I drink almond milk on days when I need a sweet treat and a few calories. Perhaps you could try drinking milk or dipping fruit in yogurt and veggies in hummus?

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1/14/13 4:31 P

The issue is often finding the right balance for you and being patient... starvation hurts the body, is impossible to maintain long term.

That said, the complex carbs are basically healthy; but in order to do everything it needs to, your body also needs a certain amount of protein and even a certain amount of the right kind of fats....

It's a journey!

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1/14/13 4:24 P

Complex carbs, like those found in fruits and veggies are actually good for you! It is what gives you energy. It is the simple carbs, like sugar, that hurt more than they help. So as long as you are eating a healthy diet, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Eating too few calories, however, can hurt because your body goes into "starvation mode" and starts to store fat. You might try eating a lean meat (grilled chicken, tuna, or something similar) that will balance out your diet a little bit more, especially if you aren't getting enough calories and protein.

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1/14/13 4:11 P

Most of your carbs are coming from complex carbs... that's okay! Carbohydrates are not the enemy that the proliferation of low-carb diets would have you believe. Eating carbs will likely not slow your weight loss. Hasn't slowed mine!

This article will explain the truth about carbs, and why you're just fine!

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1/14/13 4:06 P

Hi all,
Im new here and to be honest struggling with the food tracker.
I started my healthy eating 5 days ago and most of my diet is made up of veg and fruit which i dont really mind, my confusion is that i am struggling to get enough calories.
With all the fruit and veg i seem to have a very high carb intake around 55-65% leaving me a low fat and protein consumption. I am not feeling hungry, if i do i eat some fruit and im fine for a few hours.
My concern is will this slow my weight loss,
if so which is the best ratio of carbs, fat, and protien,
Many thanks x

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