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2/27/12 5:42 P

You may want to make another batch of the cooked salsa, but leave out the peppers--combine the two batches. Salsa keeps for quite a while because of the acid content, and you can also store it in the freezer (it will get a little more watery once thawed) if you have too much.

You could also try to just add more tomatoes and onions as others have said, but I think for flavor you may be better off with the doubling. It really depends on how much extra heat you ended up with (a little extra will be solved by a little tomato, but not way to much heat)

Good luck and happy munching!

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2/26/12 1:52 P

I did the same thing to salsa verde, which I made for the first time last week. Love the flavor but it's way too hot. I tried adding lime juice but that didn't do much. Maybe adding a red tomato will help. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

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8/31/11 10:38 A

Add a bunch of tomatoes to spread out the heat.

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8/31/11 7:18 A

Yoghurt usually works...i think the sour taste counteracts the chilli taste. You could try lemon juice or vinegar too I would think (depending on the overall taste of the salsa). Salty tasting things also work

8/29/11 12:10 P

I made homemade salsa over the weekend (a cooked kind) and it so delicious, but I made it a wee bit too hot. Can I tame the heat in this batch? I'll know next time to use less jalapeno!

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