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10/20/09 2:51 P

You can also ask them to cut in half or skip totally the giant wad of butter they put on the hibachi grill before the put the veggies/meat on top of it. My hibachi restaurant uses a ton of butter and I simple have them just grill it plain and I add a tad of soy sauce when they are done.

BLONDIE3737 Posts: 79
10/20/09 8:44 A

Thanks everyone for the great input!

It went well... I enjoyed the miso broth before my meal, which helped fill me up...and I ate a ton of the soy sauce veggies...and a few bites of atlantic salmon. It went really well and I didn't blow my calorie count for the day at all! Thanks again for your help! emoticon

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10/19/09 9:29 P

This link is a great tool for dining out.

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10/19/09 4:49 P

Rice isn't bad for you. And honestly, there's no need to be so scared of a little butter either. Admittedly, they use a BIT too much, but that's not a good enough of a reason to order something else altogether.

The sodium is fairly high, but I would drink lots of water and not worry about the sodium too much for one meal. You get lots of veggies and the dipping sauces are very healthy.

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10/19/09 3:46 P

Miso soup, seaweed salad, sashimi, things like that are god to fill up on. Also, if they have a regular kitchen area, you can get steamed rice and veggies with grilled shrimp usually. Just go easy on the rice. If not, I'd just eat some grilled protein and fresh veggies. They always make faces at me when I tell them I don't want my food cooked on the grill, but whatever. I don't want all the icky random oils they use in my food thanks.

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10/19/09 3:00 P

with miso soup, you're going to get a lot of salt, so don't be surprised by a little extra water weight. But I agree it's a good way to fill up!

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10/19/09 9:57 A


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10/19/09 9:48 A

I'm a college student and it's a hibachi grill is one of my friend's favorite places to go to. It's a little tricky at first to find something healthy-you can see how much butter, oil, sauce, etc. they throw on everything as they cook it-yikes! I tend to opt for shrimp and mixed veggies, saying no to the fried rice. Some places serve miso soup as part of the meal-that would be a good thing to fill up on first. And even though it has rice, sushi may be a relatively good alternative since it's fresh and filling. Good luck!

BLONDIE3737 Posts: 79
10/19/09 9:36 A

I'm eating at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant tonight (where they cook the food right in front of you and put on a show with the flames, etc.) but I don't want to completely derail my diet. I will definitely stay away from the rice but besides that, what healthy options do I have for this type of restaurant???

Thanks for your help! emoticon

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