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This won't be a weight-gain from food in the normal sense, but rather fluctuations as part of everyone's normal daily lives, ALTHO' what we eat can contribute toward it - the main culprit being sodium. Other factors to take into account is had you been to the loo fairly soon before the initial weigh, but not prior to the latter weigh-in? This can makes heaps of difference - especially if you are like one of many whose bowels don't evacuate daily.

One thing that concerns me is that you say you are eating 1200 calories but that you are working out. It may be that you might need to increase your calorie consumption. I know that this seems strange, but the 1200 calories is generally for women who are sedentary - extra exercise means that you need extra calories to accommodate this. It won't interfere with your weight-loss, and in fact may even enhance it!

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This is likely very normal. How long have you been working out? It's not uncommon when we start or intensify a workout to see an upward shift in weight. This is temporary, and is a normal reaction to the demands we're placing on our bodies:

It could also be hormones; women often see a temporary gain right around the time of their menstrual period.

Have you been eating out a lot? Are you tracking sodium? I can gain as much as 5 lbs after a single night out eating because of the insane sodium content in restaurant food.

It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound. In order to truly gain 6 lbs of *fat*, you would need to have eaten at least 21,000 calories OVER maintenance this week. Did you eat that much? If not, I wouldn't stress. Try to eat clean, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and give it time to even out.

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1/17/13 2:18 P

How many weeks have you been at this? How much water are you drinking in a day? Are you exercising? You could not be eating enough calories for what you are burning.

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1/17/13 2:12 P

tracking everything. 1200 cals a day.

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1/17/13 1:55 P

Define "eating right" please!

Are you weighing and measuring everything?
Are you logging everything?

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1/17/13 1:31 P

i have been working out n eating right n somehow i gained six pounds in a week...any insight explaining why would be greatly appreciated

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