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2/7/14 7:22 P

that sounds true , im not sure i have explored sparkpeople properly yet , i have tried a couple of the exercises that are on here , my daughter whos 3 did them ( at least tried to ) with me , she really did make it more fun , iv only been on here for 3 days but i love it already and i am going to try and commit myself fully to this xx thank you xx

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
2/6/14 3:15 P

Like a Mum you likely put your kids before yourself, but it's time to focus a little on you as well. Healthy, happy mum models a great life for some healthy, happy kids. Just start by exploring Sparkpeople, particularly remember to honestly track every bite you eat, and pay attention to your emotions, just increasing exercise a little. Little changes lead to bigger changes, consistency and determination go further than zeal without wisdom. emoticon

MUM-2-3 Posts: 70
2/6/14 11:26 A

thank you for the lovely warm welcome , i cant wait to really get in to this , i am hopeful sp will help me beat this weight emoticon

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2/6/14 10:54 A

Hello and Welcome to Sparkpeople! emoticon emoticon

Sparkpeople is full of information, motivation, support, inspiration, and encouragement to help you through your journey! emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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2/6/14 5:50 A


MUM-2-3 Posts: 70
2/6/14 5:18 A

iv been trying to loose weight for years , im 31 , 5-4 and 17 and a half stone , and im really unhappy with myself , i have seen so many people succeed with this programme and it looks like something i can do , i have 2 young children so i would love to get healthy and fit so i can play with them properly , the problem i have is lack of motivation , but i hope to get there in the end , emoticon

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