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11/7/11 12:36 P

Check out the Quorn Brand products in your freezer section. I'm not a vegetarian but do meatless meal days occasionally, their chicken and turkey products are not too bad, but they are hideously expensive and very small portions.

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11/7/11 11:45 A

Hi there!! I checked out your page and see you are vegetarian? I have made thanksgiving dinners before that included meals for vegetarians...Stuffed zucchini was always a stuff it with dressing and cheese and the non vegetarians were all upset that there wasnt huge portions for them, also!!!
I also love acorn squash baked and brushed with maple syrup (splurge on real if you do this...makes all the difference and you dont need much to get the flavors!!)
there are so many wonderful vegetarian meals...let me know how i can help!!

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11/5/11 12:02 P

for thanksgiving/ christmas I need a turkey / turkey ham meat alternatives that taste good.

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